Bathroom Retailer Adds Skype Calling to Their Website

WD Bathrooms have added the facility on their website for customers to use Skype calling to contact them, further reducing costs for the customer and allowing video calling.

Sheffield, United Kingdom, December 14, 2007 --( WD Bathrooms, online supplier of bathroom interior products have added the function to their website to Skype the sales department. Skype is a simple piece of software that allows people anywhere in the world to make calls to landlines and mobiles and other Skype users at low-cost rates, or for free. Skype customers calling WD Bathrooms can do so for absolutely nothing, making the WD experience even cheaper.

As well as being cost-reducing, Skype also utilises the latest video technology, allowing you to see the person that you are speaking to. WD Bathrooms understand the need for human interaction in the sales process “We find that people react better to a human being, and Skype allows us add this interface to our online operations” a spokesperson stated. Although the company are trialing the software in their sales department, there are plans to introduce the feature company-wide, from sales to customer service and dispatch “People who have queries about their products or delivery will be able to see and speak to someone, which we find creates and element of empathy with the customer”.

Skype is an innovation in global communications, and works in a similar way to a pay-as-you-go telephone. A user simply uploads money to their account and can then call any landline or mobile in the world for a low-cost rate. Plus, if both callers are Skype users, the call is absolutely free! Part of the eBay family, Skype was founded in 2003 and is available in 28 languages. The Skype-bug is now rapidly infecting the UK and users are becoming much more frequent.

WD Bathrooms are also utilising the software to improve internal communications. Their satellite showroom in the Gateshead area requires frequent relations with the Sheffield office; Skype not only allows this to be achieved with no cost, but also extends to allows Gateshead staff to be involved in meetings and updated with current and future activities.

Skype is not only a telephone exchange, but also includes the facility to video call friends, colleagues and companies, enabling you to see the person that you are calling. To do this, both callers simply need a webcam and a headset, or microphone with speakers. The Skype software automatically senses all items of equipment when the call is activated, for ease of use.

For the latest in technology, users can also use video calling as a means of communicating with friends, colleagues and also companies. The only equipment that is required is a webcam and headset or speakers and microphone, which are automatically detected by the software and launch when the call is activated. Conference calling is also available, with the facility to call up to 10 people at once, depending on your computers capabilities.

Skype offers many features, most of which are free to the user, from a global user directory to instant message and file transfers for large files, all of which are accessible from a computer anywhere in the world.

WD Bathrooms have recognised the features and benefits of using Skype for customers and have implemented the scheme to better improve their communications, both internally and externally. To Skype WD Bathrooms, log on to their website and click on the ‘Skype WD’ button on the top right hand corner of the screen.

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