Instart Logic Announces New Features to Bolster E-Commerce Websites

Instart Logic announced performance solutions to optimize website experience for retail and e-commerce websites for the coming holiday season. The new solutions called One Time Cache and User Prioritization enable E-commerce websites to optimize the quality of experience for all visitors.

Palo Alto, CA, October 17, 2015 --( Instart Logic, the leading cloud application delivery provider that makes modern applications fast, secure and reliable, announced performance solutions created to optimize website experiences for retail and e-commerce websites just in time for the holiday season. Instart Logic’s new One Time Cache solution helps sites acquire first-time visitors with fast, personalized experiences while User Prioritization allows companies to optimize revenue by predictively prioritizing users during peak traffic times. The new capabilities are the start of a family of features using predictive algorithms and big data to improve website performance and user experience.

With 41 percent of shoppers reporting that they purchased from a new retailer last holiday season, it’s imperative that websites optimize their shopping experiences to acquire first-time visitors as customers. Instart Logic’s One Time Cache solution uses predictive algorithms to enable fast, personalized experiences for first-time visitors, eliminating bounce rates and increasing conversion rates. This solution is the first of its kind in the market and provides a completely revolutionary way to improve the online shopping experience, specifically for first-time visitors of a website.

During the holiday season, retaining customers and optimizing revenue during peak traffic times is also critically important. According to a recent study, customers who are engaged with the website and the online shopping experience buy 90 percent more frequently, spend 60 percent more per transaction and deliver three times the value to a brand. To help its users accommodate these peaks, Instart Logic is also announcing User Prioritization, a solution designed to help companies using predictive algorithms to prioritize response times for the most likely buyers during traffic spikes that inevitably occur during the busiest shopping season of the year.

“The holiday shopping season offers e-commerce websites a once-a-year opportunity to convert new visitors to customers and to optimize revenue from loyal customers,” said Manav Mital, CEO of Instart Logic. “Instart Logic is helping e-commerce companies leverage software technologies like predictive algorithms and big data to improve business performance during the most important time of the year.”

One Time Cache
When it comes to attracting and acquiring new customers during the busy shopping season, first impressions matter most. Instart Logic’s One Time Cache creates the optimal user experience for customers’ new site visitors, eliminating the delay visitors usually experience when loading a new website for the first time.

This new feature enables Instart Logic’s service to predictively pre-load dynamically generated web pages and serve them from cache to first-time visitors.

By avoiding the round trip back to the customer’s origin, One Time Cache improves performance by 30 to 50 percent for first-time visits to a customer’s website.

Instart Logic is the only company to proudly provide this unique solution to its customers. By enabling a better first-time visit for shoppers, companies will have a significant advantage and eliminate the high website drop-off rate experienced with first-time visitors. Learn more about One Time Cache here:

User Prioritization
Because retaining frequent, high-value customers is equally as important as gaining new ones, Instart Logic also announced a new performance feature, User Prioritization. This feature predicts which users are the most valuable and prioritizes those users at peak traffic times to optimize revenue during unexpected loads.

Companies can now increase revenue under an unexpected load by controlling the percentage of end users who are able to access the site and prioritizing certain higher-value buyers above others.

In the event of a traffic surge, instead of all buyers experiencing high delays in page load times, the User Prioritization feature would redirect certain visitors to a virtual company branded “waiting room” on the Instart Logic application delivery platform or allow others direct access to the site.

Being able to control and manage the flow of web traffic during peak times allows for a dramatically improved user experience, improving customer retention and revenue.

Instart Logic’s One Time Cache and User Prioritization solutions are available today with the company’s application delivery platform. Learn more at


"Instart Logic's technology delivered an instant boost to the responsiveness and perceived performance of Thrive Market's website, with little or no engineering overhead required to get up and running!" said Sasha Siddartha, Co-founder and CTO, Thrive Market.

“Instart Logic ensures that all its customers’ shoppers are preferred shoppers,” said Manav Mital. “Regardless of whether the visit is their first or a frequent occurrence, every website visitor receives an optimal experience.”
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