iUniverse Announces the Release of K.R. Seeger's Asa-Birdie.com

Superhero Twins fight evil in rollicking new adventure novel

New York, NY, December 12, 2007 --(PR.com)-- From the tradition of Harry Potter and Swiss Family Robinson comes a new novel about two young heroes and their very odd, but lovable, family. Asa-Birdie.com is the story of 10-year old twins, Asa and Birdie Regis, and the mysterious superhuman powers they inherit from a long line of relatives, all born on Friday, July 13th.

In this intriguing and spirited book for juvenile readers, we meet the Regis family, a group of strange characters who can manifest superhuman traits whenever necessary. From the somersaulting septuagenarian Aunt Margaret to the twins’ somewhat too inquisitive father, Dr. Thomas Regis, Asa-Birdie.com introduces us to a wonderful new literary family with kind hearts, adventurous spirits and the tendency to stick their noses into other people’s business.

The book opens as Asa and Birdie discover they too have inherited the powers. As the story unfolds, the ever curious Dr. Regis begins to uncover strange similarities in his family lineage that seem to indicate a pattern of acquiring these powers at just a certain age. Hundreds of years ago his ancestor Sir George Regis found a magical elixir that granted him any super power he desired, from massive strength, to flying, even to becoming invisible. Ever since then, each Regis family member born on Friday, July 13th may access these powers, including Asa and Birdie.

Birdie was sitting cross-legged on her bed. The worried look disappeared from her face when Asa twirled her computer chair around and sat down across from her.
“I knew you would be first with the powers. How is it? How does it feel? What do you see?” Asa was curious. He laid his left hand on Birdie’s shoulder and watched her intently.
You are going to see things that are happening somewhere else, Grandpa had told them.

From traveling back in time, to fighting off gang members and even protecting kids from the dangers of drugs, twins Asa and Birdie encounter a rollicking new adventure within each chapter of this delightful book. Filled with messages of peace, harmony and the power of the imagination, Asa-Birdie.com takes the two young people and their family through escapades filled with excitement, and occasionally even deep peril. Ultimately, Asa and Birdie must forgo their superpowers to face a final challenge with only courage, hope and the prayers of their family. A fast-paced page-turner, readers will fascinated by the Regis family, and Asa and Birdie, spirited young twins with magical powers and hearts of gold.

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About K.R. Seeger

Author K.R. Seeger’s twin grandchildren, born on July 13th, provided the inspiration for her first novel Asa-Birdie.com.

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