Benson Wang’s Real Estate & Mortgage Tutorial School Now Offering a Free First Class for New UBC Rental Property Pre-Licensing Exam Students

Vancouver, Canada, February 19, 2015 --( Becoming a real estate agent in British Columbia takes many different steps, the first involving successfully passing the UBC rental property pre-licensing exam. However, even this step can prove tricky to many students as the passing rate has a reputation for being quite low. That is why it is necessary for students to prepare themselves to the best of their abilities. One way of doing this is through the Benson Wang tutorial school. Students who are not sure that Benson Wang will be able to aid them on their career paths are invited to try the first course on the house.

Not only does Benson Wang offer individuals a vast amount of invaluable real estate information, but he also guarantees that each and every student that passes through his doors will also pass their exam or receive 100% money back. These conditions include:
- Taking every class and completing a final exam review
- Truly finishing all assignments on their own.
- Finishing all mock exams with a grade higher than 80%
- Finishing all the sample exam questions
- Booking and taking the exam

Students who fulfill all of these requirements and still do not pass the exam on their first try within one year of their enrollment will receive a full refund.

To learn more about the success of Benson Wang’s courses or to book your first free class, visit the website at

About Benson Wang
Benson Wang not only offers preliminary mortgage and real estate courses to UBC students, but provides them with an abundance of knowledge that will be applicable in the real world once they graduate. Countless testimonials from past students can attest to the fact that Benson Wang takes care to ensure that any student who enters through his doors will pass their UBC rental property management pre-licensing exam and attain their real estate license. BC-based Benson Wang has watched countless students succeed in the real world after merely a year of passing their exams, despite the competitive real estate marketing Canada.
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