History Major Redefines Popular Literature

Author Uses Technology to Put Readers in Charge of the Story.

Washington, DC, December 14, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Washington author Uzoma Peter Lane is making waves with his new book, The Spiral Society. Published on Lulu.com, the online marketplace for digital content, the story makes creative use of the Internet to allow its readers to shape their experience.

Mr. Lane took advantage of free periods between classes to compose a stellar work of science fiction that has earned him a small fanbase. But that is only the begining. The story continues via "Extra Chronicles", short stories provided free of charge at popular social networking sites, that offer more background, deepen the plot, and introduce new characters.

A fan's comment: "This is great! I can decide how much of the story I want to know and when, and go deeper into the lives of the characters. Plus MySpace is more accessible than bookstores and I don't have to wait forever to continue the story. And the price is right."

This enthusiasm is spreading as more people flock to myspace.com/thepocketrevolution to read the two chronicles currently available. Says Mr. Lane, "I had an idea and I wanted to share it with the world. Embracing the Internet has allowed me to do that. By publishing online, I can share my vision and still afford tuition and meals." He has worked on the book for more than a decade.

Mr. Lane is a member of The Pocket Revolution, a company designed to support innovative initiatives like his and bring them to the attention of the masses. The company has helped to create and manage student organizations, supported social work throughout the District of Columbia, and fought for innovators like Mr. Lane to get the recognition they deserve. As the organization prepares, once again, to offer their services, one must wonder: is this the wave of the future? The people will decide. The Spiral Society and its Extra Chronicles are available at stores.lulu.com/thepocketrevolution.

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