New Book "Discover Your Purpose: a Simple Guide for Setting and Reaching Your Goals"

New author introduces a book with a simple method of setting goals that leads the reader through a "journey of self" to find true happiness.

Springfield, IL, December 14, 2007 --( New Book “Discover Your Purpose: A Simple Guide to Setting and Reaching Your Goals” Introduces a Simple, Yet Inspiring Method of Setting Goals that Changes the Context of Goal-Setting from Self-Serving to Serving Humanity.

Just in time for the New Year, first-time author, Angelique McTyre, introduces her book, “Discover Your Purpose: A Simple Guide to Setting and Reaching Your Goals,” to challenge readers to set goals that will better themselves for the higher purpose of effecting a positive change on the world.

“This book is my attempt to indirectly change the world, one person at a time. Ideally, I want everyone to find their true happiness by understanding that happiness comes not only from doing for ourselves, but also by doing for others,” says McTyre.

“Discover Your Purpose” is written in the form of a guided journal, designed to lead readers through an intimate “journey of self”. The goal is not only to help readers set and reach their goals, but also to help them define the purpose of their goals in the context of a single, guiding principle.

“We are all here to do, what we are able to do, for the benefit of ourselves and each other.”

This principle of “Higher Purpose” makes this method of goal-setting unique. The author believes the end result of setting goals rooted in this principle, is a sense of achievement and personal fulfillment that can never be attained by setting goals strictly for personal satisfaction.

What adds to the uniqueness of this book is its simplicity. With only 58 pages and nine easy-to-follow, thought-provoking exercises, readers are meant to nearly effortlessly design a personal goal-setting program, enabling them to reach 10 of their most important goals by the end of the book.

“Discover Your Purpose” would be a perfect gift for those planning their New Year’s resolutions. Also, the author highly recommends this book for graduating high school students, college students, and those who simply want to make a positive change in their lives and the world.

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