Noliac is Hosting a Free Webinar on Piezo Actuators October 29

At the webinar October 29, there will be a live introduction to piezo actuators for dynamic applications. Learn the basics of dynamic applications, the Mason model, and the important calculations necessary for the work with dynamic applications.

Kvistgaard, Denmark, October 23, 2015 --( Identifying the parameters of a dynamic system

The webinar “Actuators for dynamic applications” (or Actuator II) gives a basic introduction to dynamic applications. The Mason model and how to identify the parameters of a dynamic system will also be covered. The webinar also introduces to the important calculations necessary, when working with piezo actuators for dynamic applications. The webinar will also cover some specific examples of piezo-based applications.

1.5 hours free piezo webinar

Two of Noliac’s experienced engineers will guide through the webinar. They both have thorough knowledge of piezo actuators and piezo technology. The webinar is live, and with a chat function, it is possible to pose questions along the way.

Seats can be booked now

There is a limit of 25 participants for each webinar, and seats for the webinar can be booked now at

A link to the webinar will be sent approximately 1 week before the webinar takes place. This webinar takes place on October 29 at 3 pm (Copenhagen time).

Prepare for the webinar?

It is possible to prepare for the webinar by visiting Noliac's piezo tutorials. The tutorials here have the same content as the webinar. This webinar is the second of Noliac's two webinars about Actuators.

Visit the different Noliac piezo tutorials at

Go to the tutorial for Actuator I “Actuators for quasi-static applications”

Sign up for the webinar on piezo motor devices

The last of the Noliac webinars for 2015 is the webinar on piezo motor devices, which will be held November 17. This webinar describes different piezo motors focusing on Noliac’s own piezo motor, the Piezo Actuator Drive.

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