Author Erick Benson Launches New Book "Framed Justice"

Sherman Oaks, CA, December 14, 2007 --( Framed Justice (ISBN: 0595436811), an urban fiction book was released in November 2007 as part of the trilogy written by author Erick G. Benson. The book’s main character, Tiger Price, a.k.a TP, takes on his first investigative case after retiring from the prison system. The doors of his new business have been open less than an hour when he receives a package from lifelong friend Paul Peck, with photographs depicting a gruesome murder scene. Paul's son is on trial for murder, and he hopes his old friend can help prove his son's innocence.

Tiger is wedged within the confines of a courtroom as he desperately tries to present the court with proof that his best friend's son is innocent of murder. Tiger tangles with judges, district attorneys, court clerks, and a shrewd DA investigator before reaching the core of his case. As he takes his investigation to the streets of Los Angeles, he encounters bums, hookers, drug dealers, and street gangsters. This dark counter-culture is filled with danger and deceit. In the midst of his investigation, Tiger Price joins forces with an unlikely partner who is properly equipped to infiltrate the venomous streets of Los Angeles. Tiger Price is relentless in his investigation, hoping that an innocent verdict can be reached.

Author Erick G. Benson was raised in Compton, California. After graduating from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona with a Bachelors Degree in Communications, he went on to work for Mark Goodman Productions as a Public Relations Associate. As he continued pursuing a career in marketing, he worked as an Account Executive for PDS Sports, Inc. and Ted Salter and Associates, handled promotions and recruitment for the television show Love Connection, and even directed a contemporary variety show featuring Grammy award winner, Anita Baker. After working in the entertainment industry for many years, Benson began to pursue his dream of becoming a writer.

Erick Benson has been featured in numerous magazines including The Peacekeeper and Urban Lifestyles Magazine. He was a featured writer for the July 1993 issue of Essence Magazine in which his article was featured on B.E.T. (Black Entertainment Television) in May and July of 1994. Over the last 13 years, Benson has published two books, written four stage plays, and has written and produced a sitcom and is working on numerous film projects. In his spare time, he works as the Director of Drama for Loveland Church in Ontario, California.

Framed Justice is available through, Barnes&, and at bookstores by order.

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