The First Project Viewer for Android with Support for Microsoft Project 2016

Malmoe, Sweden, October 24, 2015 --( Seavus, a global software development and consulting company, is proud to announce SPViewer 3.0 – a Microsoft Project (.mpp) files viewer for Android devices with complete support for Microsoft Project 2016.

SPViewer 3.0 has been introduced as a final step in Seavus’ aim to provide a project viewer product line with full support for .mpp files created in Microsoft Project 2016 on the most widely used platforms for business: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Web (Online). Seavus Project Viewer 2016 for Windows was released on the same date as Microsoft Project 2016 (September 22nd), and with SPViewer 3.0 for Android, the last puzzle of its product line, the development process was completed.

Support for Microsoft Project 2016 hybrid file types is also included in SPViewer 3.0, easing collaboration in companies with a mixed working environment that work with different versions of Microsoft Project.

Available for both Android phones and tablets, SPViewer includes the three most used views from Microsoft Project: Gantt chart, Task Sheet and Resource sheet, complemented with a rich pallet of sorting and filtering options empowers users with the freedom of choosing preferred information regarding the project.

SPViewer 3.0 comes with a rich set of collaborative features complementing to the baseline e-mail sharing of .mpp plans. Support for Microsoft SharePoint is included for companies relying on this platform. Alternatively, users can rely on Google Drive to share updated project plans, after defining a specific file folder system for this purpose.

“We are very excited and extremely satisfied with the progress we’ve made to include support for Microsoft Project 2016 files to all supported platforms. SPViewer 3.0 represents a big milestone towards this goal. We take pride in the speed and dedication with which this was implemented; we are delighted to release new versions for each platform in a timely manner to fulfill our customers’ requirements, and provide support for MS Project 2016 less than a month from its official release!” said Joel Roberts, product analyst at Seavus Group.

To learn more about SPViewer watch the video below:

SPViewer is available for free download on the Google Play store:

About the company:
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