Victor Talking Machine Co. Revives, Returns to Camden

Victor Talking Machine Co. Label Group returns to Camden County building its new headquarters in Berlin, NJ.

Camden, NJ, October 24, 2015 --( Graham Alexander, a Camden born musician, and CEO of Radio Corporation of America, Inc. announced today the revival of Victor Talking Machine Co. as the recorded music division for the holding company he presides over. The revival of Victor with its associated brands, “His Master’s Voice,” Little Nipper, and Victrola comes as a stark contrast to the decline of the physical recording industry since the establishment of digital distribution platforms like iTunes, Napster, and Spotify throughout the 2000s.

While revealing several high profile projects for the historic music company, the firm also announced the establishment of two Victor Talking Machine Label Group facilities in Camden County. A recording facility, Victor Records Studio A in Haddonfield, N.J. and in Berlin, N.J., an official label headquarters, archive, historic vault, and intimate performing arts center known collectively as The Vault.

The firms’ headquarters, The Vault, will host a two-night gala November 7th, and 13th, 2015 in Berlin, N.J. The 2-night event will celebrate the return of Victor Talking Machine Co., Little Nipper, and “His Master’s Voice” to their homes in the Camden & Philadelphia areas while simultaneously celebrating the launch of the first album from Victor Talking Machine Co., ‘Repeat Deceiver,’ by Graham Alexander. This same event will mark the establishment of the official record company vault comprised of Victor Records masters, acetates, and tests from the first 40 years of the recording industry — all from the original Victor vault demolished at the Camden waterfront in the 1960s.

About Victor Talking Machine Co.
Victor Talking Machine Co. is a historic record company originally founded by Eldridge Johnson & Emile Berliner in 1901. After its formation, Victor established itself early on as the premier name in the fledgling record industry and through nearly 50 years of existence (until the label became RCA-Victor in 1945). Victor Records signed and recorded legendary artists including Rachmaninov, Bing Crosby, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Lead Belly, and Woody Guthrie all within its original headquarters in the City of Camden.

This unique blend of genres established an incredibly diverse list of artists which would go on to influence countless songwriters and performers including modern Victor Talking Machine Co.’s president, Graham Alexander, who revived the company (along with the His Master’s Voice, Victrola, and Little Nipper imprints) returning their headquarters to the Camden area after a 30 year absence. The company today produces new artists, music, and turntables, while preserving a back catalog of masters from the company’s storied past. Victor Talking Machine Co. also operates a venue and archive, The Vault, located at 150 S. White Horse Pike in Berlin, N.J.

About Radio Corporation of America
Radio Corporation of America is the name of a corporation founded in the early part of the 20th century, which came to prominence developing breakthrough radio communication across the world. Originally owned by G.E., the company was spun-off into its own by a trust busting initiative by the U.S. Government. After acquiring the Victor Company of Camden, N.J. (then the world’s largest record company), the corporation delved further into the home entertainment market through the 1930s and 1940s creating Victor, RCA Victor, Bluebird, Camden, Radio Corporation of America, and Little Nipper branded products through the middle of the century. Increasingly tapped for military contracts from World War II and on, Radio Corporation of America slowly concentrated its efforts from home entertainment into military communications. By the 1970s, they’d diversified to include a publishing company, a frozen food company, and Hertz rental car. Eventually, the company felt the burn of mismanagement through the 1980s and was sold to G.E. in 1986 who then proceeded to dismantle the company' vast brand portfolio. Thompson Electronics (Technicolor France) purchased the RCA brands related to consumer electronics, while BMG & Sony partnered to purchase the RCA record label. The military contracts were sold through several companies and many remain in the Camden area today. Meanwhile, G.E. sold off brands from the Radio Corporation of America (RCA Corp) profile but continued to hold the company as a name holding corporation until the late 2000s when Graham Alexander and LAIR (Licensed American Independent Recording Co.) petitioned to reestablish the name having already acquired many of its former legacy brands.

Graham Alexander is available for interviews and private tours of The Vault can be scheduled. Please contact to schedule yours.
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