Modern Mystic Storyteller Writes Little Coyote Tales: Dancing the Dream Awake

Virginia author Kenn Klick has touched and shifted many readers’ perceptions with his new book ‘Little Coyote Tales.’ A book 17 years in the making, it took living life’s lessons to fill the stories with meaning and deliver a true message for today. While this may sound ordinary, he has accomplished this in an un-ordinary way, through online publishing.

Roanoke, VA, December 15, 2007 --( Kenn Klick missed his paternal grandfather’s death by but a few hours in the summer of 1990. This left him asking many questions of himself and life. As he spent time living with his grandmother that summer the answers starting flowing in his mind as Native American stories with a young coyote learning about life.

Rev. Beth Evason comments, “Worth the time spent reading it! Perfect material for Group reading and discussing. I enjoyed all the stories and characters... they live on with me after I have closed the book.” Other comments from readers have been: “I read all five of the Little Coyote stories and the last one made me cry. It is really wonderful and I thank you for sharing it with the world,” and “Little Coyote learns to Cry is a well-written story. I love that you have open-ended questions. The relationship between (the) coyote and Talks-to-Snake is strange, yet very believable -- My favorite question was that about teachers in my life -- fitting really, because that's more like the relationship between the writer and the reader of this piece -- it allows you to teach us, and allows us to teach ourselves as well. Very well-written.”

Mr. Klick carefully transcribed the stories that summer and typed them on his grandmother’s old Olympia typewriter. Over the years, experience and introspection have added clarity and depth to bring them to the fullness of their current embodiment. A life of searching and understanding truth and living it to the fullest has given these stories a precious message. Oddly enough this message is carried within what some would see as simple children’s stories. To help the reader understand the meaning of these stories and continue their search, Mr. Klick included a second section ‘Mystic Musings’. In this he explains the symbolism and meaning of the stories. His goal and gift is to give understanding of the deeper meaning and allow the reader to begin their own journey. He does this by providing questions for introspection on an individual basis or can be shared within a group discussion.

The book “Little Coyote Tales” can be found online as well as ordered from your local bookstore. A partnership with the online publisher has brought the stories of Little Coyote to the printed page for all to read and share.

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Kenn Klick is 39 years old and resides in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Roanoke, VA. He lives with his 2 children, Zach & Emily, and enjoys the company of friends and family. His book can be found at He can be reached at
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