PK4 is a Finalist in NASSCOM’s 100 IT Innovators 2007

The zeroCode platform honoured by NASSCOM

Bangalore, India, December 15, 2007 --( Bangalore-based software products company, PK4 Software Technologies, today announced that it had been selected as one of the finalists in NASSCOM’s 100 IT Innovators 2007. NASSCOM is India’s National Association of Software and Service Companies, the premier trade body for the software and service industry in India with over 1100 members. The top 100 IT innovators showcases some of the small, medium and large companies that have made innovation an important part of their growth strategies.

PK4 was chosen for it’s innovative web development framework zeroCode. zeroCode is an on-demand web application development framework that enables users to quickly build and instantly deliver browser-based applications. With patent-pending technology, zeroCode incorporates some very advanced graph-theoretic ideas and algorithms for inferring database and website structures.

PK4 CEO Narasimhan (Kishore) Mandyam acknowledged that it was an honour to be chosen as a finalist in the Top 100. “To have your technology and nominated is always a pleasure, but to be chosen by a panel of industry peers makes it doubly so” Mr. Mandyam said. “At PK4, we have always been ahead of the curve with our web development framework, zeroCode. With our recent foray into the world of social networking, it seems like zeroCode has found the perfect niche, with it’s combination of development speed, robustness and scalability”, he added.

“Our 100 IT Innovator companies have managed to stand out and differentiate themselves in highly competitive, often adverse market conditions and carved a niche for themselves using breakthrough technological products and novel market initiatives”, said a NASSCOM spokesperson. The 100 IT Innovators are features on the NASSCOM website and a special book entitled the 100 IT Innovators 2007 will be released at the India Leadership Forum 2008 in Mumbai.

About PK4.
PK4 Software Technologies is an apps development platform vendor based in Bangalore. We build apps for the social-networking world quickly and effectively by using our development framework, zeroCode. Our objective is to build “sociable” apps that allow users to truly leverage their real-life social graphs. We aim to become the platform-of-choice for building scalable, reliable apps for the facebook platform, among others. We are able to reduce SNS app development time by over 50%, thanks to zeroCode and its Data Services Channel. PK4 specializes in using Web Services to build quick, scalable apps for Amazon, facebook, Google, meebo, Hi5, Friendster, and other social and business networks. Visit to see how you can build cross-network apps, easily and scalable.

NASSCOM is the premier trade body and chamber of commerce for the IT services and software companies in India with over 1100 members, including over 250 multi-national companies. It was set up to facilitate business and trade in software and services and to encourage advancement of research in software technology. It has been the strongest proponent of global free trade in India. The nation-wide search for the IT innovators is being conducted for the fourth time by NASSCOM and has unveiled a spectrum of young, enterprising companies and some large companies that are making waves both at home in India and overseas. For more information and a full list of all 100 IT innovators, visit

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