PK4 Launches SwapIT on Friendster

zeroCode enables the classic swap game on Friendster

San Jose, CA, December 15, 2007 --( Bangalore-based software products company, PK4 Software Technologies, today announced that it had released it’s classic swap game SwapIT on Friendster’s global social network using the Friendster Developer Program.

SwapIT lets users swap adjacent images to match 3 or more images to score points. And as they score, they move on to higher levels. Users have a variety of themes that they can choose from. PK4 plans to let users come up with their own themes in the future.

Friendster launched a directory of about 180 applications on December 11, 2007, enabling it’s 56 million users to easily discover, add and use applications on and off the website. Friendster, the #1 social network in Asia and the third largest branded social network in the world, is amongst the first social networks to launch a developer platform. The zeroCode-based SwapIT game was released to Friendster’s users as part of the Widget Directory Launch on December 11th.

PK4 CEO Narasimhan (Kishore) Mandyam said he was thrilled to have a zeroCode application on Friendster’s Directory at the launch of the platform. “The Developer Program was launched only in the end of October. With our zeroCode web app development framework, we were able to use the Friendster APIs very easily. We could get the SwapIT game completely enabled on the Friendster platform in a matter of days”, he said. “We are now planning to get all our social networking apps released on Friendster as soon as we can. We have also released apps that work cross-platform across multiple social and business networks” he added.

The Friendster Developer Platform was launched to enable developers and companies around the world to have secure and managed access to a set of APIs to Friendster data. These APIs provide seamless integration points within the Friendster Web site to create and integrate compelling applications for Friendster’s over 56 million users. The Friendster Developer Program provides developers the greatest freedom to monetize applications, and a completely open platform supporting existing and emerging standards. As a result, applications can be easily deployed on and off Friendster for Friendster users, and dynamic, new, compelling features can be created by developers via user-approved, easy access to user information and Friendster social network data. More information is available at and the application directory can be viewed at

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