Shaan Kaye's New Single Inspires Fans to Chase Their Dreams

Shaan Kaye - Chase Your Dream ft. Marley Taylor

Las Vegas, NV, November 01, 2015 --( Shaan Kaye has written and composed an original song entitled "Chase Your Dreams." He performs this piece of music featuring Marley Taylor in a new music video, available for viewing on YouTube. The official launch date for this music video was October 19th, 2015, released in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Watch latest music videos -

This new EDM and Hip-pop single by a rising performer is inspirational and positive, focusing on self-empowerment and the possibilities for success. Shaan Kaye says that the song was written as a motivational piece meant for all people, from any age group or stage of life. He says that as he wrote, he specifically thought about young and emerging professionals, as well as new leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs. This is a group that has to work hard for their successes, and often they may face difficulties and setbacks along the way. SK's message is not to give up, to keep trying, and never quit chasing the dream. He says that "If I can do it, you can do it" and encourages his fans to "Dream big and pursue these dreams." Another powerful message of the song is to pursue dreams and passions, but not at the expense of the dignity of others. Shaan Kaye states that it is important to pursue life goals rather than pursuing power and money by using other people. This is a continuation of messages from other songs from Shaan Kaye, encouraging people to lead ambitious, meaningful lives.

Marley Taylor, who is featured in "Chase Your Dreams", has been very popular in the Scottsdale/Phoenix music scene. She is most known for her popular act with Zowie Bowie, as well as singing with Red Rock Casinos in Las Vegas. Since 2013, Marley has gone solo, giving entertaining performances throughout the area. She is now recording some new and original songs of her own. Her collaboration with Shaan Kaye has helped her to branch out to a new style of music and has contributed to Shaan's unique sound in this new song. This new upbeat song portrays a new style from some up-and-coming artists.
Sleek Network, SK Media Group
Dante Beltran, Co-Producer