Autistic Man Encourages Literacy with Progressive-Capitalism

Independent autistic artist wants to grow a small business on a global scale by making his products available to everybody without a set price. Customers are able to pay the artist directly based on their income.

Bowling Green, OH, November 08, 2015 --( One of the benefits of autism is the ability to see the world in new ways. Jack Gunthridge, an artist on the autism spectrum, has decided to use his autistic traits as a way to grow a small business on a global scale while encouraging literacy and parents spending time with their children regardless of the family’s budget.

The thinking behind progressive-capitalism is that public institutions like libraries and lower income families shouldn’t be denied access to reading materials and art works. The Jack Gunthridge Studios’ business model is based on the idea that there is good in the world. With digital formats, the studio can give away copies of their children’s books to people with limited means. Instead of setting a list price, consumers are allowed to give to the studio what they can afford. The rich can pay more, while the poor do not feel left out of an experience.

Jack Gunthridge admits this is a huge social experiment, but he believes in the decency of humanity. He thinks a business shouldn’t be about profit at the cost of limiting his product to certain consumers. He also has faith in this world that people will support an independent artist without just taking a product for free and not giving back to the artist.

About Jack Gunthridge Studios
Jack Gunthridge Studios is an independently owned and operated business that produces Jack Gunthridge’s books, film, and TV projects. As an autistic artist, Jack knows his works might be a little different, but the company allows him to produce the works he wants to produce. It also gives him additional income to help support himself. For more information, contact: Jack Gunthridge at
Jack Gunthridge Studios, LLC
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