Pax Press Agency Founder Makes International Movie Responding to the Current Refugee Situation

Pax Press Agency Geneva founder creates an international, Hollywood style and budget motion picture to draw more attention to the sufferings and plight of refugees today.

Geneva, Switzerland, November 09, 2015 --( Film Executive Producer Christian Peschken ("The Flight of the Dove," "Dillinger & Capone"), who is also the head of a United Nations Geneva-based Pax Press Agency, was inspired by the daily events that make the headline news, about the dramatic situation of refugees. His work as TV and Radio correspondent at the United Nations provided him with valuable inside and first hand information about the refugee plight. Based on true events and testimonies Peschken then wrote a film story he entitled "Refugee – Eye of the Beautiful." His company partner Kassem Lahham, a Financial Consultant, who has family members who where Palestinian refugees, contributed to the story as well, and is in charge of arranging the necessary funding for the film. The budget is set at $40 million out of which $10 million where raised immediately.

"Refugee- Eye of The Beautiful" is the first international Hollywood feature film that takes on the current refugee crisis.

Hollywood script writer Michael J. Love ("For greater Glory") transformed the story into a dramatic Hollywood style movie format.

Story log line: Three strangers (an American reporter, an Indian maid, a boy from Syria) from different worlds join up at the "Eye of the Beautiful" Refugee camp in Sedon, Lebanon and set out on a perilous journey together to Lampedusa Italy -- nearly losing their lives and forging a surrogate family in the process.

One of the leading roles in the movie, a 14 year old boy, will be played by a real Palestinian refugee boy from Syria. The ensemble cast will consist of an American A list international movie star, a Bollywood female star and an Arabian film star, all to be announced shortly.

Executive Producer Christian Peschken attached Hollywood veteran director Kevin Connor ("Mother Teresa: In the Name of God's Poor"), Academy Award recipient Director of Photography Douglas Milsome ("Full Metal Jacket") A.S.C., B.S.C. and producer Enzo Sisti (Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ"). The film will be filmed on locations in Italy and Malta and at Cinecitta Studios, Rome. The production is scheduled to go before the lens early 2016, and theatrically released in the US in the fall of 2016.

Pax Film Industries, Ltd. is a Dubai-based Film Production Company by Film Producer Christian Peschken and Asset Manager, Financial Consultant Kassem Lahham.
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