Rocky Mountain Kirtan Artist Raises Funds for Courageous Nepali Women

The courageous women at HerFarmNepal are being supported by Kirtan Artist Faith Rose of Bozeman, MT, who is using her artistry to help raise funds for earthquake damage and to feed the school children of the village.

Bozeman, MT, November 11, 2015 --( The courageous women at "Her Farm" in Nepal have escaped circumstances of abuse and torture and are now revolutionizing the roles of Nepali women and they need your support. "Her Farm" is owned and operated by these very women. They run the farm, and a school and health clinic for the village. Their bold spirits and unprecedented lifestyle are inspiring young girls to question the culture that subjugates them.

“Last summer I played at a fundraiser for the earthquake in Nepal,” says Rose, “where I met a fabulous group of musicians,” says Rose. “We recorded a great live kirtan album of my inspired music.” Rose had the album, Devotion In Motion, professionally engineered and mastered. “I decided I wanted to help fund a project in Nepal to recognize the devastating circumstances that gave birth to this album, and when I met Parker Webb, a frequent volunteer at ‘Her Farm,’ I knew I had found an amazingly unique project with a vast vision worthy of support,” says Rose.

The earthquake flattened two homes at "Her Farm" where the women, children and volunteers live. One home has been rebuilt, the other is waiting for donations. Women and children are being temporarily housed in a mental institution waiting for this second house to be rebuilt. “Her Farm will also hire a fulltime mental health counselor to help these women and their families in their reintegration process,” explains Rose. The new home will be called: Uni Ko Ghar, Family of Women.

"Her Farm" has a school program includes educating poor children from the village. “By feeding the children,” Rose further explains, “Their parents are happy to send them to the school. Donations to 'Her Farm' will continue to educate a new generation with more just and equal principles, helping to change the foundation of the suppressive village culture. And 'Her Farm' plans to continue expanding their outreach, limited only by the donations they receive.”

"Her Farm" is the brainchild of an amazing Nepali woman, Sunita Sharma. Sunita’s husband Scott MacLennan, co-founder of "Her Farm," has been the recipient of the Edmund Hillary Mountain Legacy Medal, the founder and executive director of The Mountain Fund and is internationally recognized for his decades of philanthropy. Scott’s track record guarantees your funds will be put directly to work where they are targeted to go.

“In gratitude for the album that came from a tragedy,” Rose says, “I’m giving away free MP3x and digitals copies of the entire album for donations at the GoFundMe site.” Rose continues, “I have one hope for the music, that it will help breakdown the imaginary boundaries our minds create and help people experience a deeper truth, one that recognizes we are One People on One Planet in great need of peace and unity.”

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