Acoustic Labs Software Releases the Acoustic Labs Multitrack Plus

Advanced “pro” version of popular multitrack recording, editing and mixing software is released.

St. Louis, MO, December 17, 2007 --( Acoustic Labs Software announces a much awaited ‘pro version’ release of one of their most popular audio recording packages: The Acoustic Labs Multitrack Recorder. The Acoustic Labs Multitrack Recorder is famous for having a winning combination of ease-of-use without sacrificing any of the necessary features for multitrack recording, editing and mixing.

The Multitrack Plus continues in the tradition of the Multitrack Recorder and also includes new features such as real time tempo and pitch shifting, ability to view many tracks at once, record multiple stereo tracks simultaneously, drag-and-drop audio sequencing of audio snippets, loop based sequencing, real time audio effects and many other features.

The Acoustic Labs Multitrack Plus has three main user interfaces: Track View Interface, Audio Editor Interface and Loop Bank Interface. The Track View Interface can be thought of as the main control panel for the audio project. Audio for each track can be viewed in this interface. Twenty four stereo tracks are available and up to eight tracks can be viewed at one time. The Audio Editor Interface can be used to perform very precise editing on any audio contained within a project. The Loop Bank Interface holds all audio loops associated with a project. Up to 32 different loops can be loaded into the Loop Bank per project. After loading or creating an audio loop, multiple copies can easily be placed anywhere within the audio project's Track View Interface.

“Since the initial release of the Acoustic Labs Multitrack Recorder we’ve received a great deal of positive feedback concerning our software as well as requests for many new features. The Acoustic Labs Multitrack Plus is an answer to those requests” says Terence Darwen, public relations coordinator for Acoustic Labs Software.

When factoring cost versus features, at $44.95 USD, the Acoustic Labs Multitrack Plus is difficult to beat. With added functionality such as full MP3 and Wave audio support, a built in metronome with different beat selections, numerous editing tools and sound effects the Acoustic Labs Multitrack Plus contains everything a beginning to intermediate recording artist needs to create professional quality recordings. The web based help section, equipped with screen shots and well explained instructions, details every aspect of the software and helps any beginner quickly get started. For additional information concerning the Acoustic Labs Multitrack Plus and to download a free demo version, please visit

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Terence Darwen