MENAJI Launches Barber Pro Club Program

MENAJI Advanced Men's Skincare Offers Barbers to Reach Retail Success with Their Training and Products.

New York, NY, November 13, 2015 --( Barbers, Entrepreneurs, Stylists, Bloggers, Producers, Hip Hop and R & B artists, all gathered at the NYY Steak in Manhattan, to officially launch MENAJI Advanced Men's Skincare's Barber Pro Club.

Among the notable guests were Pop Artist/Music Producer Xavier White, Fashion Stylist Megan Averbuch, Sports Agent and Talent Mogul Justin Jacobson Esq., Sinatra Sintennial Tribute Performer Jeff Grainger sponsored by the Seminole Casino Hotel group, and many New York all-star barbers.

The event, hosted by NYY Steak and MENAJI Advanced Men's Skincare, was created to educate barbers on their unique sales potential in retail to enable them to capitalize on a market they themselves helped create. The MENAJI Barber Pro Club Program, developed by MENAJI's Director of Marketing, Yvonne Lederer, was designed to stimulate an untapped or underutilized resource for barbers - the retail real estate inside their shops for men's beauty and skincare - and reveal their brand sell-through capabilities while using products they can sell.

"Unlike department stores, where sales people are driven by commission and customers are driven to buy a specific product, a barbershop is a place where customers come to have an experience,” Lederer said. “There is a clear distinction. This experience can be enhanced by the introduction of products catering to that individual's skincare, style and lifestyle needs. Barbers know their customers, and it's more like shopping with a guide, which means better results - thus more loyalty for the barber."

According to trends, providing a higher level of service in barbershops and letting customers experience products through services is the future model for retail already being used at Blue Mercury, Ulta, Sephora and other retail chains that don't choose to follow the traditional department store model. “Barbers are in a key position to capitalize on the hands-on model because they've been on the forefront of the grooming trends,” said MENAJI President Pamela Viglielmo. “Even barbershops that already have retail in their stores can benefit from the MENAJI Barber Pro Club Program, because they may benefit from our sales support.”

"Barbers may not immediately see how easy it is, through brand recognition, to use and sell while they provide a service,” continues Viglielmo. “MENAJI Barber Pro Club Program makes it clear for them with step-by-step training and products for men that bridge barbers with beauty."

MENAJI Barber Pro Club Program includes a free membership, a Barber Code for 40% off all products and two sets which appeal to a wide market to get them started. The Barber Shop Set I and II have combinations of five best-selling products:
The Barbershop Set I
• ClearShave 3-in-1 – the fastest, closest, most comfortable shave you’ve ever had between barber visits
• Lip Agent – protect, soothe and nourish lips with SPF 15
• 911 Eye Gel – rejuvenate and restore tired eyes
• Power Hydrator – everything your face needs to rebuild
• Face & Body Scrub – exfoliate dirt and dead skin

The Barber Shop Set II
• Face & Body Scrub – exfoliate dirt and dead skin
• ClearShave 3-in-1 – the fastest, closest, most comfortable shave you’ve ever had between barber visits
• Power Hydrator – everything your face needs to rebuild

“MENAJI Advanced Men's Skincare's team has always provided a high level of service, including educating potential distributors on industry trends and recent market research,” said Viglielmo, “and now we are thrilled to extend our Pro Club to the barbers who helped make grooming a booming industry.”

"It's our way of saying 'Thank you'," Viglielmo said.

For more information on the MENAJI Barber Pro Club Program or to register for free, email

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