Robert Fairweather & Luv Machine Lead Musicians Down Digital Highway

Chicago's BlueSpawn Records' recording artist Robert Fairweather & Luv Machine pursue fans online and have proven that the internet is a great way to find new fans from around the world. With millions of video plays and hundreds-of-thousands of audio plays, the band's planned 2008 tour has been pushed back to 2010 while they continue to enjoy their growing world-wide fanbase.

Chicago, IL, December 18, 2007 --( Exploiting the digital domain for all it's worth, Chicago finest psychedelic rock blues outfit is setting up to take the main stage. Robert Fairweather often draws comparisons to Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan when playing live. Fan Josh Krainig commented after a recent show, "This band is like our own little secret, we don't want them to get big but we know they will eventually." Robert's internet "street" team is responsible for getting the message out which has resulted in sold out shows

With recent guest appearances with the famed Chicago rocker Bobby Midnight, whose history dates back to the Thirsty Whale and the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago-sometimes referred to as the ‘brawlroom’- Robert Fairweather has been keeping busy writing songs for the next cd. After several successful outings in 2007, Robert is looking forward to 2009-2010. He states that, due to personal reasons, the 2008 Robert Fairweather & Luv Machine World Tour will have to been pushed back to 2010 when he plans to travel throughout Europe and the Orient with his Stratocaster.

Currently, the band holds top spots and tons of fans around the world at several key internet music sites. Their Myspace account boast thousands friends and fans and they have tens of millions, yes millions, of plays of their songs and videos. Last year during the Chicago Bears run up to the Super Bowl…the band posted a couple of Chicago Bears tribute fan songs. They were getting 2000 plays a day. They eventually made a ringtone which inspired a sales frenzy and a new source of income for the band. Robert commented that he was surprised at the interest people had in the ringtones and he had some extra Christmas money because of that one. Too bad the Bears aren’t in it in 2007-08. But, as for Robert Fairweather and Luv Machine, the sky seems to be the limit.

At, Robert Fairweather & Luv Machine are in the top 15 out of over 400 Chicago bands. That’s an amazing feat considering that they put the website up a few years ago and haven’t done much else. "The hits just keep coming and we sold out at CD Baby. We are also selling through iTunes, Rhapsody and a host of other online retailers," reports Anna Astley, Robert’s press agent and personal assistant. "The numbers keep getting better for Luv Machine and Robert Fairweather. Just two years ago, people wouldn’t have had the opportunity to see or hear this band, now we can use the internet to show the world this great little band," reports BlueSpawn Records' PR Rep Anna Astley. BlueSpawn Records is will be celebrating fifteen years in the record business in 2010 also.

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