iPlan Retirement Offers Green Gift of Retirement Planning This Holiday Season

Giving someone the gift of retirement planning, is giving a gift, that will have a positive impact on them and the earth.

San Francisco, CA, December 17, 2007 --(PR.com)-- This year has seen a dramatic increase in the number of retailers offering green gifts to their environmentally concerned shoppers. Add retirement planning to the list of Green Gifts available this holiday shopping season.

"When you think about retirement, saving the planet, probably does not cross your mind. However, retiring is possibly the single best act, you can take to help reduce global warming. And by giving someone the gift of retirement planning, you are giving them a gift, that will have a positive impact on them and the earth." According to Ramsay Mameesh, founder of iPlan Retirement, an eco-concious retirement planning company located in San Francisco, California.

Their company motto is "Do the World a Favor and Retire," and the iPlan Retirement website details how conservation is the key to not only saving the planet, but may also help save people's retirement. "As soon as you retire your consumption of the earth's resources instantly declines. If you take your work commute, as only one example, you can see the impact your retirement will have on the environment. Once you retire, your car will no longer be on the road five days a week, pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere."

And this holiday season the company is saving, customers even more green, by trimming $250 off the cost of their retirement planning services when they purchase their "Green Gift of Retirement Planning."

iPlan Retirement also hopes to offer an alternative, to those within the environmental community, who believe that gift giving (green or not), only encourages a culture of consumption. "The holidays are a time of giving. And retirement planning makes a great green gift, because it not only shows you care about someone, but it's also a gift that will lead that person to vastly reduce their consumption for the rest of their lives." Says Mr. Mameesh.

A fee-only retirement planning company, iPlan Retirement offers retirement planning services, to individuals nationwide. The company does not sell investments, manage money, or charge commissions. The company is located in San Francisco, California. More information on their Green Gift of Retirement Planning can be found on their website at http://www.iplanretirement.com

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