Font Designers Become Popular Overnight, Thanks to, a new start-up specializing in the distribution of free fronts, has single-handedly brought popularity to font designers worldwide.

Springfield, MO, December 17, 2007 --( Last month (, a new start-up specializing in the distribution of free fonts, launched a new site. Since their launch however, something totally unexpected has happened. They've become a showcase of graphic design talent, bringing some font designers popularity overnight.

When Fawnt launched last month their main goal was to bring together a gallery of free fonts.

“The Internet is filled with font sites claiming to be free, but a large majority of those sites are outright scams,” said owner Andreas Staedtgen. “I wanted to create an aesthetically pleasing site with no catches. Something that Internet users would find easy, fast and trustworthy.”

Staedtgen scoured the Internet searching for quality free fonts. For months he put together a list of fonts from all over the web, finding some on personal portfolio sites and still others on sites like deviantART.

When the time came to build, Staedtgen decided to place a link to the font designers page instead of hosting it himself, giving credit where credit was due. By directing his visitors to the personal sites of the designers, the designers themselves began to see a surge of popularity.

“I had a designer e-mail me, thanking me for the free traffic I sent him,” said Staedtgen. “Fawnt has turned into a gallery of great design, not just a place where people go to find free fonts. The popularity of any given designer can be measured by the number of clicks a font has.”

Staedtgen expects to be receiving e-mails from designers in the near future asking him to place their font on Fawnt. This unexpected side-effect has pushed Staedtgen to begin developing a special contest for designers wishing to see their fonts on display at Fawnt. Contest details are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.


Fawnt is a resource for designers, developers and anyone that loves free fonts. Fawnt lists beautiful fonts in nice speech bubbles coupled with a scrollable interface to make browsing easy. For more information please visit:

Andreas Staedtgen
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