Firm Releases Internet Marketing Resolutions for Web Site Owners

Firm Releases List of Resolutions for Small Businesses to Increase 2008 Website Traffic

Los Angeles, CA, December 18, 2007 --( (, a web marketing company catering specifically to small and medium sized businesses, has released a list of proposed New Year’s resolutions for the owners of small business web sites to make to increase website traffic in 2008. The list includes:

1. I resolve to get my web site really producing leads and/or sales in 2008, so that the site is a real contributing force towards the success of my business and not just a source of frustration and embarrassment.
2. I resolve that my web site will be kept up to date, with a look that is reflective of the year 2008 (not 1998), and with current information and frequently updated information that will entice visitors to stay and return.
3. I resolve to increase the number of links to my web site with a link building program that includes both article directory submissions for quantity links and an optimized press release program for quality links. I resolve to end 2008 with significantly more links to my web site than at the end of 2007, since I know that Google considers inbound links to be the most important criteria in determining my web site ranking for my various keywords.
4. I resolve to select keywords and phrases that are properly targeted for my public, that get good traffic, that are not too competitive, that are not single word keywords but 2, 3, or 4 word phrases, and then optimize my site for those keywords.
5. I resolve to use pay-per-click search engine marketing to drive traffic to my site or sites, and to manage it properly so that it does not waste a lot of money but instead gets a good return on investment.
6. I resolve to use a good quality web statistics program or service to accurately track my success with the web site. I will look at the number of visitors, page views, referring web sites who are sending people to my site, and the keywords or key phrases that they are typing in at the search engines to find my site. I will use this information to better manage my Internet marketing efforts.
7. I resolve to build my email list up significantly in 2008, and to send regular newsletters and sales messages to those people.
8. I resolve to remove anyone from my list who requests it within 10 days as stipulated by the CAN-SPAM Act. I will also include my physical street address and instructions or a link to an unsubscribe method in all bulk emails, per the law.
9. I resolve to set up all of my Internet marketing actions in such a way that I can properly track where they came from (sourcing). In this way I can reinforce the actions that are working and improve or drop the ones that aren’t.
10. I resolve to survey my targeted public in 2008 so I have a better idea what they need and want and how to better market to them.
11. I resolve to follow the sagely advice of my Internet marketing consultant and pay him on time.

John Eberhard stated, “This is the time of year for business owners to make their plans for 2008. So I am proposing this list for web site owners so that they can increase their website traffic and results in 2008. Email marketing to your own house lists is one of the most successful actions you can do today. Pay-per-click search engine marketing is also an action which produces immediate results. Search engine optimization and link building take a bit longer, but they will produce bigger and more sustainable results in the long run. I have found that submitting articles to article directories is one of the best ways to create high quantity inbound links to your web site. I’d like to see web site owners follow these resolutions and have a more prosperous and successful 2008.”

John Eberhard has been involved in marketing for a wide variety of businesses for 18 years. was founded in 1999 in the Los Angeles area, and has clients all over the U.S.

John Eberhard