Owls for J.K. Rowling – the Fans Say a Collective Thank You

Los Angeles, CA, November 18, 2015 --(PR.com)-- The Los Angeles Dumbledore’s Army is spearheading a social media project to join Harry Potter fans groups from across the United States via “owl post” to collectively thank J.K. Rowling for creating the magical Harry Potter universe. By creating the #owlsforjkrowling project and launching it one year before the first “Fantastic Beasts” film is set to release, the aim is to make the hashtag viral so J.K. Rowling can feel the enormity of the love for the Harry Potter series in time for the American holiday of Thanksgiving.

The Harry Potter groups encourage fans all over the world to share their own message to J.K. Rowling by sharing photos over social media with the hashtag #owlsforjkrowling. Harry Potter fans can view photos daily from the project’s official Facebook www.facebook.com/owlsforjkrowling and Instagram www.instagram.com/owlsforjkrowling pages.

The Harry Potter generation, those in their late twenties to early forties who grew up with the book series, have been affected deeply by the books. In many ways, Harry Potter has changed their lives and has also been a pivotal catalyst in how they made friends and sustained relationships. Thanking the woman who awakened their love of fantasy, made it possible to keep their childish enthusiasm alive, and inspired them to follow their dreams is the least we could do to honor Mrs. Rowling.

There are numerous fan groups throughout the U.S. that have kept the magic of the Harry Potter series alive since the epilogue was published in 2007. While the group numbers have ebbed and flowed, Harry Potter fan groups have perpetuated the fandom in their hometowns through local events for adults and children alike.

About #owlsforjkrowling

This hashtag #owlsforjkrowling will be the link to anyone who wishes to express their thanks and share their continued love and appreciation to J.K. Rowling. Images will be shared via the project’s official Facebook www.facebook.com/owlsforjkrowling and on Instagram www.instagram.com/owlsforjkrowling pages.

This is a very exciting time for HP fans with the upcoming debut of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”, debuting in London this summer, as well as the impending release of the first Harry Potter prequel film, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”, starring Eddie Redmayne.

About The Harry Potter Fan Groups

Los Angeles Dumbledore’s Army, founded in 2008, is the second largest Harry Potter fan group in the world with nearly 1,500 all aged 21 and over. The annual Harry Potter Roller Skating Night is the most popular public, family-friendly event drawing in over 900+ attendees. Monthly meet ups include Harry Potter themed trivia nights, cooking competitions, scavenger hunts, award winning book club with some large-scale events recognized by LA Magazine, LA Weekly and several online publications and blogs. www.meetup.com/losangelesdumbledoresarmy com

Celebrating its 10th year, HP-NYC is the world’s largest Harry Potter fan club with over 2,150+ members. The group hosts two events monthly from book discussions to costumed ice-skating and produces MISTI-Con, a biennial Harry Potter convention held in Laconia, New Hampshire. www.meetup.com/tgtsnbn

The Orlando based Central Florida Slug Club began in 2012 and has over 1,100+ members. Known for their annual Start of Term event on September 1st, members from all over Florida gather to ride the Hogwarts Express from Kings Cross Station at Universal Orlando Resort's Wizarding World of Harry Potter. www.meetup.com/Central-Florida-Slug-Club

HPDFW is a group for adult Harry Potter fans in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that started in 2007. HPDFW has over 550+ members with events like murder mystery nights, annual Valentine's Tea, and White Owl Gift Exchange. www.meetup.com/hp-dfw

Tampa Bay Portkey to Magic started in 2012, has 460+ members, and hosts events such as the annual Yule Ball, trivia nights and more. www.meetup.com/Portkey-to-Magic

The Las Vegas Harry Potter Fandom was formed in 2006 and holds several events a year including Harry Potter’s Birthday Party Potter Pub Crawl. www.meetup.com/Las-Vegas-Harry-Potter-Fandom

The OC Harry Potter Group was founded in 2005 and has over 500+ members who meet monthly to discuss all things Potter. www.meetup.com/OCHarryPotter

HP Ohio is an adult fan group since 2003 with over 900+ members. Monthly meet ups take place throughout Ohio such as Harry Potter Weekend at Loveland Castle and the annual Crystal Ball. www.hpohio.proboards.com

Atlanta HP & More is an adult Harry Potter fan group has kept the magic alive since 2004 with over 400+ members. www.facebook.com/groups/AtlantaHP

Seattle Snitchwitches is a newly formed group who celebrates the magic of the Harry Potter.

HP Rhode Island attends local renaissance fairs, mazes and more all in Harry Potter costumes. www.facebook.com/groups/HP.Rhode.Island

HP Salem participates in the annual Salem October Parade, hold many costumed photo shoots and host a Halloween Ball ever year. www.facebook.com/groups/hpsalemma

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