Grasher Publishing to Imitate Movie, Julie and Julia

Everyone loves a success story. And reading how your favorite business started off on Poverty Plaza before striking it rich makes for an exciting read. Unfortunately many businesses spend more dollars pursuing the dream than achieving it. CEO Patricia Proctor of Grasher Publishing is chronicling the daily efforts of getting a new publishing business started.

Vancouver, WA, November 20, 2015 --( When CEO Patricia Proctor of Grasher Publishing founded her publishing company earlier this year she knew the bar for success was high. Forbes magazine in September of 2013 published an article, entitled, “Five Reasons 8 Out of 10 Businesses Fail.” The opening paragraph stated that most businesses fail within the first 18 months.

“I do know what the odds are,” Proctor admits. “Starting a new publishing business and making it succeed has become increasingly complex. More than a million books are published every year. While it is easy with today's technology to publish, the competition to sell a book once it comes off the press is difficult.

"Many new authors don't realize how much marketing effort is needed to sell a new title. I have been in publishing since 2003," Proctor said, "and every year it gets harder to rise above the crowd."

Wanting to do something fun and different to keep the company's marketing efforts focused and accountable, Proctor came up with idea of imitating the movie, Julie and Julia. Using Julie Power's blog as a model, Grasher Publishing started its own blog called, 'A Year With John Kremer.'

"John Kremer has been called the book marketing giant in selling books," Proctor explained. "I wanted someone to model my marketing efforts on and as far as I was concerned he was tops."

“Since my company is small I wear many hats,” Proctor shared. “It is very easy to get sidetracked and put marketing efforts to the side while working on daily business details. I am using the blog to stay focused and accountable."

Unlike Julie Powell, who did not have personal contact with the famous chef, Julia Child before starting her blog, Proctor contacted John Kremer to let him know about her project. He wrote back and said that he was fine with it.

Proctor admits that Grasher Publishing could well be part of the 80% percent crowd of small businesses that flounder and fail within the first 18 months. The blog might end with a “Going Out of Business Sale” notice on day 365. "I hope not," she says, "but whatever happens I will be sharing the journey for a complete year.”
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