The Gadget Guardians Offer New Gadget Insurance Coverage

The Gadget Guardians Offer New Gadget Insurance Coverage that has simplified The extended warranty process. Gadget Guardians is the only company to offer coverage on multiple gadgets in one simple plan. Cover your ipod, PSP, Gps and digital camera all on the same plan for one low payment.

New York, NY, December 18, 2007 --( Every year more than 10,000 iPods, cellphones and other mobile devices end up in the toilet - ruined by water damage. But no longer, with a new service from the Gadget Guardians.

The Gadget Guardians offers a protection service for your laptop and other portable devices such as:
Universal Remotes
Mobile gaming devices

Gadget Guardians, founded in late 2006, was formed out of necessity; due to the fact retailers insist on selling extended warranties for each device rather than a comprehensive plan for all devices.

Fear no more, with Gadget Guardians whether your device smashes against the pavement or plunges into the sea - you'll be covered with Gadget Guardians.

Visit them at:

Gadget Guardians,LLC.
Michelle O'Brien