Hunting Lights Move Into the 21st Century

HID lights are bringing hunters into the 21st century. They are able to cover a larger distance, produce less heat, hold a longer charge, and provide the hunter with more options. Hunters can choose from flashlights, searchlights, car mounted lights, magnetic lights, spotlights, infrared lenses, or red lenses. They are now more affordable and will become a necessity for any hunter.

Kemp, TX, December 19, 2007 --( While computer processing power increases at the rate of Moore’s Law, and nanotechnology produces new materials at the atomic level, most hunters are still using the same light bulb that Thomas Edison designed nearly a century ago. However, the advent of low cost, compact high intensity discharge HID lights and ballasts is dramatically changing lighting products. HID flashlights and HID spotlights of all kinds have made their way into the hands of outdoorsmen and hunters while meeting the needs of the military and industrial customers that they were designed for.

High Intensity Discharge HID lights use 2 electrodes to ignite a paste inside the light bulb. The paste turns to gas and a ballast regulates the current to the electrodes to keep the gas lit. “The burning gas produces more light and less heat with half of the current needed by incandescent lamps,” said Rob Bresnahan, President of Larson Electronics. “On, sales of HID lights for military, industrial and hunting applications are growing rapidly. Customers are learning that lights, like our 35 watt RL-11, produce a beam that can reach 2500 feet, while drawing only 3.3 amps. This translates into long battery life. Also, HID bulbs have no filament to break, which means they will last thousands of hours. Comparable incandescent bulbs will only have a fraction of the distance and life of HID bulbs.”

HID technology, made popular by its use in vehicles like BMW, has dropped in cost. As component costs fall, HID lights for handheld and vehicle applications have moved from military applications into the hands of hunters. Larson Electronics sells a wide range of HID hunting lights, including HID flashlights AEX25, rechargeable lantern style HID lights, RL-11 and direct vehicle connect HID searchlights CML-15. These HID hunting lights come with accessories, including red lenses, infrared lenses, magnetic bases and vehicle chargers that are ideal in assisting the outdoorsmen in making the most of these HID lights’ power and durability. “Our HML-6M HID light, with its 3000 foot beam and 200 pound grip magnetic base is as popular with hunters as it is with the gunners on the Abrams tank in Iraq,” concluded Bresnahan.

Larson Electronics is an emerging leader in the production and distribution of high powered lighting products for vehicles and handheld use. Please visit or contact Larson Electronics at 1-800-369-6671 for more information.

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Robert Bresnahan