Primary Care Trust Selects iPoint-media’s Interactive Telemedicine Solution to Offer Improved Diabetes Patient Care

iPoint-media Telemedicine solution to offer Southampton PCT Diabetes patients with improved and more responsive care. Patients will be able to access medical specialists via web or 3G mobile in order to post test results, access a blogging area to communicate online with clinical staff, record or upload video messages for medical staff and interact in live video with clinical specialists.

Newbury, United Kingdom, December 19, 2007 --( iPoint-media (LSE:IPNT), a provider of live, interactive video calling application platforms for web, mobile and media, announces that Southampton City Primary Care Trust (“PCT”) has recently worked with the iPoint-media to develop an internet-based solution to provide remote medical services, via web and 3G mobile, for people suffering from chronic diseases. Patients will be able to access the system via web or 3G mobile in order to post test results directly to their health care provider, access a blogging area where they can communicate online with clinical staff, record or upload video messages for medical staff to visually observe how they are doing, interact with clinical specialists in live audio or video calls and schedule appointments. The new service will provide patients with an accelerated and more responsive care service as well as reducing the required number of visits needed to be made to local clinics and hospitals, enabling patients to take more control over their health and wellbeing.

This innovative approach to medical care is part of a wider EU based ‘telemedicine’ initiative that is looking at ways to improve the quality of care for patients with long-term health conditions through the application of live remote access technologies. Development of the project was completed in November and will be rolled out early next year along with a range of other ‘telemedicine’ solutions that Southampton City PCT is continuing to develop with iPoint-media. The ‘GOliveCare’ solution will initially be used in the care of diabetes patients, giving them ongoing communication via web and 3G mobile with specialist teams who will offer support and education.

Debbie Clarke, Associate Director for ‘Adults and Older Persons’ Services’ for Southampton City PCT commented:

“This is an exciting opportunity for patients in Southampton. iPoint-media’s solution will enable live access to specialist staff from the comfort of people’s own homes or work places. We are piloting this for people with diabetes in the first instance but wish to expand the use of this technology to other patients with long-term conditions who could equally benefit from its capabilities.

Lee Woodland, iPoint-media’s Director of Telecom Products commented:

“GOliveCare has been designed to provide patients with the highest level of personal medical care using our innovative live interactive telemedicine technology. Our solution will improve the quality of life for patients with long-term illnesses while enabling them to manage their condition more effectively and conveniently.”

iPoint-media expects the success of Southampton City PCT’s innovative healthcare concept to lead to more expanded use of the GOliveCare solution in other PCT’s and other EU health organizations.

Eyal Orgil