Revive Adserver Mod Launches Its Google Adx Integration Plugin for Revive Ad Server

Revive Adserver Mod has launched the Google Adx integration plugin for revive ad server. The integrated version of Google Adwords conveys the brand message of internal advertisers to the global audience.

Bangalore, India, December 02, 2015 --( Revive Adserver Mod, a major provider of ad server plugins launches the third party ad exchange called Google Adx integration plugin for revive ad server. It involves sending and receiving ad requests and response from Google to publish the advertisements in websites.

The ad request includes required bid rate, targeting options, ad category, ad specification and other ad requirements. Once, the request is received revive ad server sends the corresponding ad response to Google within the time limit of 100ms.

The ad responses are filtered by Google in a bidding process and maximum bid rate ad will be selected for delivering in publisher’s website. Once the advertisement is delivered the win notice will be sent to the revive ad server. The statistical report section and pre-targeting options are the exclusive features of Google Adx integration plugin.

Statistical report stores the data on ad impressions and clicks made for the particular advertisement. The sorting option in it enables the user to track the data easier and faster.

The pre-targeting options are used to set limitations for receiving the ad requests from targeting countries, ad categories and ad type and size. By setting the limitations, the user can receive the ad requests based on their selections.

The Google Adwords enabled in it handles more than seventy percent of advertisements worldwide. It has a wide team of registered publishers to deliver any ad types of advertisers in websites. To access Google Adx integration plugin, the revive ad server should possess a DSP plugin for RTB bidding process.

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