Experts Suggest Hair Loss in UAE Population May be a Sign of Underlying Health Conditions

Hereditary tendency, lack of essential nutrients, and hormonal imbalances key topics in dermatology conference

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, November 28, 2015 --( There are many culprits for hair loss in the UAE population, unhealthy diets, hormonal changes, hereditary patters, poor blood circulation, excessive use of hair styling products and heat hair styling devices. According to experts, approximately 15% of the population in the UAE suffers from hair loss, some may blame the water quality but more often than not, the cause may be an underlying health condition.

Experts will discuss the various treatments, management techniques, and preventative measures for hair fall at the International Congress in Aesthetics, Anti-Aging Medicine & Medical Spa (ICAAM) Middle East organised by Informa Life Sciences Exhibitions, taking place 4 and 5 December 2015 at the Conrad Hotel, Dubai.

“Hair loss can occur due to a variety of reasons, however most commonly poor dietary habits, or harsh habits that lead to iron deficiency are at the source of this problem. Additionally patients who suffer from conditions affecting their pituitary gland, thyroid or have polycystic ovarian syndrome are more likely to complain from hair loss,” says Dr Fatma Mostafa ,Consultant Dermatologist, University Hospital Sharjah.

Dr Mostafa, will discuss the incidence of hair loss in bariatric patients at the Aesthetic Dermatology conference, at International Congress in Aesthetics, Anti-Aging Medicine & Medical Spa (ICAAM) Middle East. The conference will feature the latest in lasers and dermatologic surgery, body contouring and liposculpture procedures, hair loss management, transplant surgery and more.

“Certain patients who undergo surgical procedures such as bariatric surgery may suffer from hair loss due to the reduction in the absorption of minerals and vitamins from digestive tract. In addition to the reduction of ghrelin hormone post-surgery reduces the effect of ghrelin on the growth hormone which is necessary for hair growth,” highlighted Dr Mostafa.

There are various treatments for hair loss ranging from medication prescribed by doctors, natural remedies and invasive and non-invasive procedures.
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