Weird German Rules & Insights Explored in New Guidebook to German Culture

Berlin, Germany, December 11, 2015 --( HJ Publishing has announced the publication of a new book that explores some of the most offbeat aspects of German culture. The book, "German Men Sit Down to Pee & Other Insights Into German Culture," explores the different rules that Germans consciously and unconsciously follow. From waiting for the green man to being extremely cautious whenever anyone offers you a doughnut, the book takes a fresh and often humorous look at why Germans do the things that they do.

“German Men Sit Down to Pee” is aimed at those visiting Germany - whether for a weekend break or for an extended stay - who want to enrich their travel experience by getting a better understanding of German culture, and avoid some of the cultural faux pas that non-Germans often make.

The book provides a crash course into every aspect of German life. From rules for work life (Bring your own cake into the office on your birthday) to rules for around the home (Don’t make noise on a Sunday), “German Men Sit Down to Pee” covers everything the Ausländer needs to know to survive in Germany.

As well as cover rules for around the home and shopping, the book also looks at a number of other aspects of German life including work culture (Bring your own cake into the office on your birthday), travel (Dig a hole when you go to the beach), food and drink (Get excited about asparagus season), as well as providing a guide to key days throughout the year.

Speaking about the book, co-author Niklas Frank said, “Germany is en vogue at the moment. But despite millions of tourists visiting Germany every year, or moving to Germany for work, most people know very little about German culture apart from the standard stereotypes of beer and efficiency.

"We wanted to change that. There’s so much more to life in Germany than these hackney clichés, and hopefully this book will show just how weird and quirky we really are while at the same time being an incredibly useful resource to anyone trying to settle into German life."

“German Men Sit Down to Pee & Other Insights Into German Culture” is available to download in e-book format from Amazon, Nook, & Kobo. A printed version of the book will be available for purchase in December 2015.
HJ Publishing
James Cave