Momma Lynn Management Announces "Ravages of Time" to Record at Studio Sage

Momma Lynn Management (MLM) announces the highly popular rock and roll band "Ravages of Time" will be recording at the newly opened Studio Sage in Edmonds, Washington. The third album from the band will be entitled "Faith of the Fallen" and will be released and distributed by Momma Lynn Records (MLR) in early 2016.

Poulsbo, WA, November 28, 2015 --( Momma Lynn Management (MLM) anounces that "Ravages of Time" (or ROT as their fans call them) will be in the studio in December to record their much anticipated third album entitled "Faith of the Fallen."

The band took an extended absence form live performance to write new material for the album and for guitar player, Cody Sins, to recover from a neck and shoulder injury. They were approached by Momma Lynn Founder and CEO, Michael Decker, to be featured as one of 14 popular Pacific Northwest area bands and artists on the upcoming One Take: Pacific Northwest (Volume 1) music compilation and companion video also from MLM.

"When we decided to make this compilation to showcase the Northwest Music Scene and Music Industry Infrastructure, my first call was to Ravages of Time. Their unique, high energy brand of rock and roll filled with powerful lyrics and hooks, was exactly what I wanted on the album," said Decker. Since the initial contact with the band, ROT has joined forces with the Momma Lynn family of companies to manage the business aspects of their music.

Returning to the stage with new music in June 2015, the band was met with enthusiastic fans and has since enjoyed outstanding reviews. ROT was hand-selected to perform at the Project Independent Artist Alliance (PIAA) Showcase from which they were nominated for the North American Independent Rock Music Association (NAIRMA) Awards for "Best Band 2015."

Ravages of Time are: Ticker Twizted - Lead Vocals, Cody Sins - Guitars and Vocals, Hëll Mütt - Bass and Vocals, and Mick Sins - Drums.

Look for their new album in early 2016 in support of the band's spring tour. Contact Ravages of Time:

Momma Lynn Management
1355 NE Tagholm Rd, Suite "A"
Poulsbo, Washington 98370
(360) 689-3580
Momma Lynn Management
Michael L. Decker
(360) 689-3580