Be in the Next Action/Adventure Book

Tony Eldridge, author of the award winning action/adventure novel, The Samson Effect, is naming a character in his next book after you.

Forney, TX, December 19, 2007 --( Tony Eldridge, author of the award winning action adventure novel, The Samson Effect, is naming a character in his next novel after the winner of his new contest.

Clive Cussler, New York Times bestselling author, calls The Samson Effect, a "first class thriller brimming with intrigue and adventure."

Visitors may enter for the contest free of charge, by simply filling out the form located at

Tony Eldridge, author of The Samson Effect said, "This is the third contest we have started for the book, and it is by far the most popular. I think it will be fun to use a fan's name in the next book. It's one of the only ways I know of to immortalize someone."

"The first book in the series, The Samson Effect, has sold well internationally and sales are picking up every day. Word of mouth by its readers has been unbelievable," Eldridge said.

To read more about the book, including an excerpt, visit Here is a brief summary of the story:

An ancient secret...

Evidence of a powerful substance lost nearly 3000 years ago...

Most believe it's a myth, but people are dying because some do not...

Dr. Thomas Hamilton, an American Biblical archeologist and Dr. Michael Sieff, an Israeli Biblical linguist, discover ancient evidence for a lost secret so powerful, it may initiate the final jihad between Islam and the rest of the world. Within their grasp lies the secret of Samson’s strength; but they’ll have to contend with two opposing forces that will stop at nothing to make sure they don’t find it.

An ancient sect of Jewish protectors is trying to recover the secret they had lost almost three thousand years ago, and a radical Palestinian leader wants to find it in order to build his own army of soldiers whom he will lead into battle against the world in the name of Allah.

Love, betrayal, and suspense intermingle as Thomas and Michael search the desert of Israel to find the secret that has cost the lives of people close to them. The only thing that will stop more deaths is if they can outwit and outrun their enemies and be the first to find… The Samson Effect.

About The Author:
Tony Eldridge has done in-depth studies on Old Testament history and his writings have been published in numerous national magazines. Eldridge grew up in Westfield, Indiana and currently lives with his wife, Emily, and his twin boys in Forney, Texas.

The Samson Effect
Tony Eldridge