Employee Schedules: The Top 10 U.S. Management Mistakes of 2007 Released by Core Practice Partners LLC

New York, NY, December 19, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Every year Core Practice Partners releases its list of the top scheduling mistakes of the last 12 months. The workshops and seminars combined with ongoing project work with companies like Kraft Foods has made this firm a valuable labor strategy resource to the public.

1. Copying a schedule from another facility

Your business and employee needs will be different than theirs.

2. All schedules have one shift length, typically 8 hours

The one size fits all approach is heavily flawed, but widely accepted.

3. Weekend Warrior Crew

This crew typically has low skills, high costs, and high turnover. Both can severely damage your company.

4. Keeping Overtime below 8 or 9%

Instead of focusing on idle time, the most expensive labor cost, management teams go after overtime – typically a very effective tool based on limited benefit costs after the first 40 hours.

5. Difficulty Flexing Up in High Season and Down in Low Season

Most companies have schedules that are only effective if the volumes don’t change. The problem is that volumes almost always change and flexibility is more important than ever.

6. No understanding of Health and Safety of Days on and Days Off

Many companies refuse to work 12 hour shifts because they feel they are unsafe, but don’t have as much of a problem working 7 shifts in a row (many work 13 shifts in a row during the busy season).

7. Inflexible and Costly HR Policies

The HR manual may be the single greatest driver of labor productivity and cost savings if written and managed properly.

8. No Part time / Temporary worker Strategy

Organizations with high seasonality and less need for skilled employees miss huge opportunities by not having a part time or temporary work.

9. Inefficient Break and Lunch Relief

If you have the wrong break and lunch structure, it may be a mistake you can’t correct.

10. Us vs. Them Mentality

The more shift workers know, the more bought in to the company vision they will be.

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