The Wrath of Zar - Book One of The Demons of Destiny

Answers armed with disaster and linked to mysteries about his father’s past, thrust Adan Caynne into a desperate quest to find his missing brother. Unaware of the evil spreading across Yannina, Adan quickly discovers that his fate is bound to a handful of others who are desperately seeking answers of their own. When an Andar apprentice suggests that Adan may be Yannina’s only hope, his life is thrown into chaos as he and his new companions find themselves chased by the demon army.

New Orleans, LA, December 19, 2007 --( The Wrath of Zar:

Now that one of the best fantasy novelists of our time has passed, Robert Jordan fans are desperately searching for someone to fill the void.

Reading is becoming a lost form of entertainment. Very few books spark enough interest to motivate people to purchase and read them. Seeing the high percentage of people who would rather watch a movie than read a novel is depressing. The majority of our youth do not know the joy and excitement of experiencing adventures and new worlds that books offer. This is why we lament the passing of great authors; they have the ability to entice people to read…including some who normally would not.

Whenever a talented author leaves his fans behind, there is emptiness left in their hearts. The times of dreaming and discussing new twists for upcoming books is gone. The fans of Robert Jordon will begin their own quest…a quest to find the next story they can put their hearts into.

“This fantasy debut by Calgary native Easson launches a saga of war and treachery where demons threaten all that is good, and a few stalwart heroes must prevail against them. A good choice for large SF collections or where epic fantasy is popular.” - The Library Journal 11-15-2007

About the Author

Shayne Eason resides in Calgary with his wife Mandy, daughters Hailee, Kaylan and son Owen. He is a Master Electrician and co-owner of his own electrical company. Writing is his true passion. The seeds of writing were nurtured by a series of short stories he wrote in High School. The character Riordan was first developed in a short story titled The Guardian. Shayne credits that story as the inspiration for his Demons of Destiny series. Not all of his time is spent working or at the computer. When the weather is favorable, he and his family enjoy camping and fishing in the beautiful Canadian Rockies.

Title: The Wrath of Zar
Author: Shanye Easson
Publisher: WestBank Publishing
Release Date: November 2007
ISBN: 0-9789840-1-3
Page Count: 288
Genre: Fantasy
Age Group: Adult
Distributor: Ingram, Baker and Taylor
Cover Price: $24.95 Hardcover

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