"Sheldon's Diary" by Mary Ellen Quire Available on Amazon.com

If you've ever wondered what your furry, scaly, or feathered friend has really been up to while you're away, then check out "Sheldon's Diary." It just may shed a bit of light on your curiosity.

"Sheldon's Diary" by Mary Ellen Quire Available on Amazon.com
Pleasureville, KY, December 05, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Newly released "Sheldon's Diary" delves into the animal world with lighthearted humor and soulful adventure as it follows the secret lives of two furry felines knighted by the Paws for the Imminent Cause (or PICs for those who prefer a good acronym) which is the high council governing any critter not human. The mission is to help the helpless, and freshly appointed knights Sir Sheldon and Sir Cheddar are ready and willing to give whatever aid is needed. Okay, well maybe ready and willing is a bit of an overstatement seeing as there's kibble to be had and naps to be taken, but you try searching for a squirrel that doesn't want to be found or battling the chaos of The Wild Hunt just to rescue a missing ghost dog from the pack doomed to run with the hounds for all eternity and see just how gung-ho you are.

Written by author Mary Ellen Quire, this book will surely make you rethink the assumption that your pet sleeps all day or maybe even give you cause to consider the possibility that your local stray may not just be a vagrant looking for a good meal. For in the animal world, things may not truly be what they seem.

Now available on Amazon.com, "Sheldon's Diary" will surely peak the interest of animal lovers everywhere.
Mary Ellen Quire