Aklavya Brings Joy to Learning

Aklavya is an educational game for kids that has for its aim, making the acquisition of knowledge and skills, an activity that the learner truly cherishes.

Kolkata, India, December 03, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Aklavya is born out of a vision. A vision where quality education remains accessible to even the lesser privileged sections of society. Intended to be made into a multi-platform and multi-device game, Aklavya has some unique features that make it stand out from the numerous educational games for children.

Firstly, Aklavya falls under the category of free educational games. Being free it naturally can be accessed by one and all who has access to any of the digital platforms and devices it will be made available in.

But Aklavya is not your routine educational game for kids, it has behind it a whole new viewpoint about how education is to be imparted to kids. During the initial period of the game an IQ test of new players will be undertaken and the difficulty level of the challenges thrown towards the players would vary accordingly. This is meant to further enhance the cognitive abilities of the learner according to his or her aptitudes and abilities. The developers are also considering whether they might want to tinker with the methods of assessment put into use to gauge the learning of the pupil in this free educational game.

The march of the Aklavya franchise of games starts with the introductory episode "Aklavya-The Legend of Betal”. It intends to augment the abilities of learners in English vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation of 6 to 8 year olds. But that is just the beginning. The overall vision of Team Aklavya is to create a whole gamut of learning games that stretches across subjects and levels across the primary stage of formal education. It is not meant as a replacement to formal education but rather seeks to complement it and fill in the gaps as perceived by the developers.

The last thing that must be noted here that if Team Aklavya succeeds in putting into place its comprehensive vision, Aklavya will not only be a learning game for kids but also a companion and friend of the child. A role model for children as they grow up and imbibe some of the traits that go towards making Aklavya- A Great Child Hero.

About Team Aklavya:
Team Aklavya is a team of professionals who share the same view that something needs to be done about the dismal state of learning they grew up in. And Aklavya is their effort to bring about positive change.
Vivek Chakraverty