Enable5 SalesCloud Features Several New Platform and Application Enhancements

Ottawa, Canada, December 03, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Enable5 Inc. the next-generation cloud-based enterprise sales enablement provider, today announced that its updated version of E5 SalesCloud - is now globally available.

The E5 SalesCloud was primarily designed to enable distributed and remote workers in the field, to securely access their corporate content and digital assets from virtually any smartphone, tablet or system. It assists sales teams (to access essential resources), as well as management (reporting, on the fly data visualization requests) and other departments such as marketing (for content creation, aggregation and distribution), human resources (for new employee on-boarding), product management (to assist the field with many tasks and questions) and support (post-sales and technical, centralized content and collaboration tools).

New E5 SalesCloud Features:

Playbooks – E5 SalesCloud has integrated its real-time, collaborative Q&A tool and repository directly into the individual Playbooks. Any employee can ask a question from within any Playbook, and will contextually be mapped to the appropriate section or category in the searchable Q&A and knowledge-base. Tagged (internal) subject matter experts are immediately notified, can respond or requests can be escalated on a set time-based interval. The number of playbooks you can deploy is unlimited, and full branding of your company’s approved logos and colours is included.

E5 Apps – Enhanced content, aggregation and visualization of traditional sales and marketing technologies such as CRM, LMS and Marketing Automation, creating a unified management and content distribution and visualization layer on top of these independent sources of data. Integrated Video, Audio or social media from one single pane of glass – including partner feeds and activity. Resulting in a powerful set of centralized corporate applications and tools, E5 was re-built to help reduce time-to-information, increase cost savings, convenience and productivity.

E5 Mobile – Access your enterprise sales and marketing content from virtually any mobile device. E5 SalesCloud now works seamlessly with any Apple, Microsoft and Android based devices.

E5 Connect – is a dedicated secure authentication layer that we’ve created for the E5 Sales Cloud. This abstraction layer allows our team to tightly integrate with third-party apps that your organization currently has deployed and ensures that we maintain end-point security and compliance requirements. E5 Connect was designed for ubiquity and to ensure that your mission critical systems (CRMs, LMS, HRMS, etc.) are no longer disparate.

E5 Security – All connections, accesses, content, and hosting of user and company data, are monitored, and are secured using the industry's most current proven and highest commercially available bit-level of AES encryption on the market. Data is secured while in transit to any device, and E5 SalesCloud infrastructure employs the latest technologies to ensure a robust security posture.

E5 Analytics – This analytics tool help your organization quantify, plan and identify your content’s effectiveness and usage in the field. It allows you to manage exportable reports, and receive pre-scheduled, automated reports. Ideal for management teams, operations and executives.

E5 Channel Partners Module – Provides enterprise customers with the ability to add as many channel partner users into the platform as required, at no extra cost. Integrates into your Partner Portal strategy.

“We’ve solicited significant input from customers and prospects, proudly resulting in an enterprise sales enablement platform and suite of apps which is more robust, secure, scalable, and partner friendly,” said Peter Ling, CEO at Enable5. “The technology we put into the hands of people in the field, is bound to enhance their productivity almost immediately.”

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Enable5 is a secure, cloud based Platform with selectable Applications, designed to allow enterprises to centrally create, manage, collaborate, control, distribute and share corporate content to people in the field (including channels) regardless of their remote device of choice. This greatly reduces time-to-information, new user/channel ramp time, and allows people to focus on their core business. Increased cost savings, convenience and productivity are direct results of implementing Enable5. Global companies and their partners rely on Enable5 to go beyond traditional sales enablement, and extend efficiencies to the entire enterprise. ©Enable5 Inc. All rights reserved. Learn more: www.enable5.com

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