Mother Writes a Novel About Discovering a Cure for Her Son's Autism

"Green is the Cure," a book written by Sharon E. Lane, offers information about a cure she discovered for her college son living with autism. By taking a daily green food supplement, her son went from college drop-out to making straight A's as a college student without the need for assistance.

Norfolk, VA, December 20, 2007 --( Sharon E. Lane, mother of an autistic son, began giving him green food supplements in December 2007, when her boy, Andrew, had to drop out of college. Andrew, like other college students needing certain accommodations, must meet with various professors and ask for academic adjustments and permission to use auxiliary aids. Unable to advocate for his needs, which is common for one having a pervasive developmental disorder or asperger's syndrome, Andrew developed a severe nervous condition with symptoms such as uncontrollable muscle spasms, vomiting and a body rash. To help her son, Mrs. Lane began having Andrew take a daily supplement of green food. It became a shock when Andrew began to show remarkable improvement in memory and social skills.

When Andrew stated he wanted to go back to college in August 2007 and did not want to make any requests for accommodations, Mrs. Lane was stunned. More shockingly, Andrew began making straight A's as a full-time student.

Sharon E. Lane knew she had discovered a miracle and decided to write a book about it. Her book, "Green is the Cure," is listed on, and

Sharon Oberne