Independent Black School Launches in Columbia, SC

Concerned parents launch independent Black school in Columbia, SC as a part of a global African-centered independent school district.

Columbia, SC, December 04, 2015 --( Black parents invite the community to a public forum titled, Why African-centered Education is the only way to reach Black Youth, on Saturday, December 5th at the Washington Heights Cultural Arts Center in Columbia, SC.

The world turned its eyes onto Columbia, SC when a 16-year-old Black student was brutally assaulted by a burly white police officer at Spring Valley High School. The incident, recorded by camera phone, outraged Black parents in the historically racially tense town. Many members of the community sang the usual, ineffective tune of pleading and reasoning with a school district that systematically underserves Black students. However, a group of committed parents launch their own school run by Blacks to specifically teach Black children, the Uhuru Academy SC.

“Launching the Uhuru Academy SC isn’t just about reacting to racism and abuse of our children in the public school system. As parents and community leaders, we’re taking proactive responsibility to educate our own children,” said school founder Kiauntae Washington. According to a University of Pennsylvania report, 45,494 Black students were suspended from South Carolina K-12 public schools in a single academic year. Blacks were 36% of students in school districts across the state, but comprised 60% of suspensions and 62% of expulsions.

Amin Ojuok, educator and founder of Uhuru Academy FW calls the rate of Blacks being suspended, expelled and simply not graduating from the public school system, the “push out rate.” He also comments that “The most valuable resource in our community is our children. African-centered schools are the safest and most nurturing environment for Black children. Independent African-centered schools are the only answer to Black America’s education crisis.”

Ojuok and his Uhuru Academy have partnered with parents in Columbia, SC to launch the first African-centered, independent school.

Description: Uhuru Academy FW is an independent, African-centered institution education Black children, nurturing their inherent genius and giving them a solid foundation to succeed in the world.
Uhuru Academy
Amin Ojuok