New Novella Running Away

Running Away, a novella by Jennifer Hammitt, takes a look at what happens when simply leaving an abusive relationship is not enough.

Indianapolis, IN, December 20, 2007 --( When getting out isn't enough.

Jennifer Hammitt's Running Away is a dark drama about a young woman and her choice to start over. Kira is a young writing professional who has been suffering through an abusive relationship. She has finally reached the point where she is ready to leave. It isn't easy, but she moves out of her apartment, moves across town, and starts her life over. It is a rough road, but Kira starts to put faith in people again. Still, every day that passes Kira fears that her past will catch up with her. Running Away is available only through Lulu (, the world's fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books.

Jennifer Hammitt wrote Running Away to showcase the emotional and long ranging effects of emotional abuse in relationships. It shows how even once the abuser has escaped there is a great deal of healing that has to take place. It also looks at how people from all backgrounds can be victims of abuse.
After surviving my own abusive relationship, I felt like this was something I just had to write, said Jennifer Hammitt. My book has given me the chance to talk about college educated and professional women falling into abusive relationships. It takes an honest look at what it is like in these relationships and what the aftermath looks and feels like.

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About the Author
Jennifer Hammitt has five years of professional writing experience. Her work can be found at many freelance writer sites such as Associated Content, Hubpages and Rain Tiger. This is Jennifer's first novella.

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