Private Memoir Highlights the Importance of Emotional Health

Alexis Nicole White is one of thousands of millennials graduating from college in 2008. She is unemployed and inexperienced; trying to figure out what’s next. But with the opportunity to relocate to Atlanta, she is off to fulfill her dreams.

Atlanta, GA, December 05, 2015 --( Author Alexis Nicole White releases painful memoir underlining emotional abuse in new book, “The Covered.” The publication falls in the “Biographies & Memoir” genre of non-fictional works. It tells the story of woman combating several forms of emotional abuse. As she matures, she learns importance of having self-love and faith.

Struggling to become gainfully employed, she cannot seem to catch a break. She is homeless and penniless. Yet, she is still faithful that something would materialize soon.

After being co-dependent upon others, she understands that she is in an unhealthy emotional state. While facing many different disappointments, she is finally able to let go and experience life for what it is and not what she expected for it to be. A good book for women of all ages to read, this book will inspire you to re-evaluate the quality of your relationships.
Alexis Nicole White
Enga Sturns