A Hip New App for iPhone, Zoomr Rolls Out a Major Update Making It an Even Bigger Hit with Youngsters

The Zoomr App for iPhone lets you anonymously post photos, confessions or questions, comment and rate, chat in private with other users without being worried that a wrong photo may linger on the web forever: all content is deleted in 48 hours.

New York, NY, December 07, 2015 --(PR.com)-- A free app for iPhone, Zoomr has just released its first major update, which adds a number of useful features that have proven to be popular with young audiences around the globe.

When first released, Zoomr stressed complete anonymity of all posts and communications, and the fact that all content is set to self-destruct in 48 hours, as the app’s main features. The app quickly gained popularity and acquired an audience that has helped the team study user needs and work on this update.

Version 1.1 brings two brand-new post types that let the user connect with others in even more ways. The new Confession post lets users confess a secret or ask a sensitive question, all while staying fully anonymous. The Anonymous Poll option lets users go beyond just Zoomr and poll their Facebook or Twitter friends and followers about anything they want. The question posts to the user’s page on Facebook or Twitter and all answers are anonymously sent to the question author’s private Zoomr feed. These new options let the user find answers to questions they’d otherwise be afraid to ask, or helps receive feedback on secret thoughts, ideas or actions they’d never openly reveal.

“Zoomr is designed to give users the freedom to say what they think and to get feedback from others on issues they are uncomfortable discussing in the open. You can share your new look, new haircut or outfit, and get unbiased opinion on whether it’s hot or not. All this is anonymous and regret-free,” says Anna Clark of Zoomr. “Using the private chat feature, you can connect with others based on their true character, make new friends and meet in real life. Zoomr can be so much more than just an anonymous photo sharing and chat app – ways to have fun with it are endless!”

To protect privacy and ensure full anonymity, each user’s Zoomr profile is linked to their iPhone and can’t be accessed from any other device. No personal information is required to sign up. One may select from a list of suggested usernames and even profile pictures, and get started sharing photos or thoughts right away. Other users’ posts can be viewed by most popular, most recent and located nearby. Users can comment, reply to comments, like others posts or comments and earn coins when their own posts or comments are liked.

All content gets deleted in 48 hours to help prevent undesirable consequences, like unflattering photos spreading online or lingering forever.

The Zoomr app is available for free from the Apple AppStore.

Company Background
Zoomr is an Australian startup that began as a project within a well-known publisher of PC optimization software for Microsoft Windows®. A team of 6 driven individuals had been working on the Zoomr app for iPhones since September of 2014 and finally launched it in February 2015. Another successful iOS app project by the Zoomr team is ShutterBee – a photo-sharing and trip-logging app for travelers. More information on the Zoomr app is available at www.zoomr.com.
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Anna Clark
Zoomr on the AppStore - http://apple.co/1QXUUAh