Could It Happen to You? Hub Plumbing & Mechanical Warns: "Don’t Burst Your Pipes"

Cracked basement windows are big culprits that are often overlooked, letting freezing cold air into the basement. Hub Plumbing and Mechanical’s CEO John Wood outlines some well-timed tips to keep your pipes from bursting this winter, along with some simple remedies if you do end up with a frozen pipe.

South Boston, MA, December 20, 2007 --( The temperature is plummeting and the coldest weather of the season is forecast. You’ve heard horror stories about pipes freezing and bursting, but it could never happen to you – or could it?

According to John Wood, founder and CEO of Hub Plumbing & Mechanical in South Boston, MA, it could happen to you if you’re not careful. “Many homes in the Boston area could be more susceptible to problems with freezing pipes this winter as homeowners turn down their thermostats a few degrees in an attempt to stave off the effect of skyrocketing fuel costs,” notes Wood. “The risk is that not everyone takes a look around to make sure that pipes vulnerable to freezing are protected.”

“Boston is notorious for lead and brass water lines that easily predate 1920,” explains Wood. “West Roxbury, Roxbury, Back Bay, Beacon Hill, and Jamaica Plain are all very susceptible because of the median age of the homes in those areas. Cracked basement windows are a big culprit that are often overlooked, letting freezing cold air into the basement.”

In addition to reminding homeowners to check all windows, Wood offers some additional well-timed tips on keeping your pipes from freezing during a cold snap this winter, along with some simple remedies if you do end up with a frozen pipe.

1. Be prepared. Double check outdoor faucets making sure that the interior shut-off valves leading to the faucets have been closed, and that the outside spigot was left open and drained prior to the arrival of freezing temperatures.
2. Insulate pipes located on outside walls, particularly if you live in an older home with minimal insulation.
3. The doors of kitchen and bathroom cabinets that are located on outer walls should be left open to let the warm air in, keeping pipes that are located there from freezing.
4. In extreme cases, if you have had pipes freeze before, or if you are experiencing a prolonged power outage that is causing the temperature to plummet inside your home, keep a trickle of water running from the faucet since running water usually doesn’t freeze.
5. Make sure that pipes in unheated basements, crawlspaces, or garages are insulated. Drain pipes that are not in use during the winter.
6. Check your faucets before you leave the house in the morning to make sure that water is flowing and no pipes have frozen.
7. If you do find a pipe that is frozen, heat the pipe with a hair dryer or by wrapping it with towels soaked in hot water.
8. Turn off the main shut-off water valve to avoid further problems as the ice in the frozen pipe melts.
9. Keep the faucet open to relieve pressure as the ice melts.
10. If a pipe has burst do not try to thaw the pipe since this could cause electrocution. Call a licensed plumbing professional to handle this emergency.

To be on the safe side have a pro check out your situation before the worst of winter weather hits, and avoid the potential hassle of haggling with an insurance adjuster later.

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