Pro-Staff Warns Residents of Winter-Loving Florida Bugs

Pro-Staff Pest Control, a highly-rated pest control company in Central Florida, warns residents of the increase in bugs during the cooler months.

Orlando, FL, December 06, 2015 --( Pro-Staff Pest Control would like to share with Florida residents the increase in pests during the winter as the temperature drops. These pests survive throughout the winter in multiple ways. Some slow down their metabolism while others fill their body with glycerol. Many insects will also lay its eggs under the ground after storing up fat. Their professionals have identified the commonly-seen pests to look out for and would like to inform all Floridians about each one.

Aphids: This is one of the most commonly-found insects and damages shrubs. Often, they are the color of the plant they eat, and the females will lay their eggs in warmer areas. Aphids are also known as ant cows because ants move the aphids eggs to their color to shield them predators and move them back to the plants in the spring.

Sod Webworms: During the winter, half-grown worms live inside tunnels underground and wait to come out and feed on our lawn. These begin to emerge in April and will make our lawn look like someone pulled out weeds throughout the lawn. Watch out, as they start eating at night.

Chinch Bugs: These are one of the most destructive bugs as they create damages worth millions of dollars to homeowners in sod repair and insecticides. They mainly stay active throughout the year by living much deeper than the thatch layer, especially during the cold. Moving together in big numbers, they are able to cover hundreds of feet in less than an hour.

“Florida residents must understand what kind of insects are invading their homes and lawn, as well as what consequences can result from these invasions,” says Bob Welch, CEO of Pro-Staff. “By detecting these pests ahead of time, professionals are able to quickly prevent damage to your lawn.”

To safely eliminate all pests and protect your lawn, contact Pro-Staff’s professionals at (407)292-PEST for Orange, Osceola, and Lake Counties and (407)331-PEST for Seminole and Volusia Counties.

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