VetWorx Will Provide Free Prostheses to Our Nation’s Heroes

The way they are able to accomplish this is by utilizing state of the art 3D printing techniques and by partnering with leaders in the prosthetic industry.

San Antonio, TX, December 07, 2015 --( Out of a sense of duty and brotherhood towards our fellow veterans, VetWorx, a non-profit organization based in San Antonio, TX, was founded to provide free prostheses to veterans of our U.S. Military.

This nonprofit organization is helping veterans get life-changing prostheses at a reduced cost while drastically decreasing wait times. The way they are able to accomplish this is by utilizing 3D printing.

Myles Carroll, a San Antonio native and US Army veteran founded VetWorx alongside his friend and former battle buddy, Joseph Rowe. After watching a TED talk from MIT’s Hugh Herr, Myles was inspired to continue the revolution of the prosthetic industry. Together they assembled a team of experts and researchers to find ways to utilize 3D printing technology in order to allow wounded veterans a more efficient process to acquire prostheses.

“With our board certified prosthetist and our research team, I see VetWorx being a leader and at the forefront of the prosthetic industry,” said Joseph Rowe. Myles Carroll was quoted as saying: “I want to give back to the community that has given so much to me throughout my life, and VetWorx is how I can accomplish this.”

3D printing has allowed VetWorx to streamline the complicated fabrication process. What is normally a three-week timeline involving several patient visits and costly hand-casted materials can be reduced to a three day all-inclusive process with two patient visits and minimal waste material.

While the production of prostheses for veterans is the primary objective, VetWorx has partnered with industry leaders and renowned universities in order to advance technology and further the prosthetic industry as a whole.
Joseph Rowe