Winter Vacation Checklist How to Prepare Your Home Before a Vacation

Rockville, MD, December 07, 2015 --( Rockville’s cleaning service Two Maids & A Mop publishes articles on a weekly basis on all things cleaning. With winter approaching, Two Maids & A Mop has published articles on the subject of preparing your home for winter. Planning a trip somewhere? Paradise or otherwise? Two Maids & A Mop has some tips for preparing your home for a vacation.

1. Clean out the fridge

By tossing food that will expire, and wiping down empty surfaces, you can give your fridge a vacation as well. Be sure to account for the time you are away, and also perhaps take the opportunity to liquidate the fridge for when you get back.

2. Spray for insects

Spraying insecticide or laying insect traps can help in bug-prone areas of your home. This will give you time to kill off any bug populations without needing access to the area, or having to keep the kids away from the insecticide.

3. Account for plants

Water all indoor plants prior to leaving, and let a caretaker know where all the plants are so they can water them while you are away.

4. Leave lighting on, appliances unplugged

No one wants to come home to a mounting energy bill due to leaving all of the lights on in the home. By leaving some lights on, inside and out, to leave the impression the house is occupied, you can deter burglary or break-ins. Unplugging unnecessary appliances can also help reduce your energy bill. Also consider leaving washer and dryer doors open to air-dry so that uncirculated moisture does not build up.

These simple steps from Two Maids & A Mop can help make sure that your home is as prepared for a winter vacation as much as you are.

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