Save Secret Agents, Bribe Cops and Get Blinded by Lasers in Airlift Game for iOS

A fresh take on the classic 80's helicopter rescue video game genre.

Z├╝rich, Switzerland, December 11, 2015 --( Airlift Game, the first release from startup Agent Argyle, refreshes the classic Helicopter Rescue video game genre, eschewing tanks and guns for blimps, bribes and blinding lasers.

In Airlift’s narrative, foreign government hackers have discovered the identities of OGA (Other Government Agency) agents. Players take on the role of pilots as “cleanskin” contractors whose job is to exfiltrate the agents before they are captured.

Tilting their devices to control the helicopter, players must rescue agents and bring them back to the landing pad while avoiding obstacles such as blinding lasers that really do hamper vision temporarily. For each agent rescued, players get paid in Aeros, which can be used to buy extra fuel and helicopters. But if the secret police show up, they’ll need to be used to bribe the cops.

That’s the airlift story so far. The back story is that “Airlift is what happens when you read a lot of Ars Technica and live near a hospital with a helipad,” says Airlift creator Cousin Isaac. “Almost every element in the game comes from some Ars article. That, and I have helicopters rattling my windows several times a day.”

Airlift is Cousin Isaac’s first game and features his electronic music as well as a couple of tracks by Doctor Popular.

The iOS game is now live and ready for takeoff on the iOS App Store. Isaac also plans to release Airlift on Android soon and hopes to add to the narrative if the game gains traction.

This being an indie game (and a first release at that) there are still quite a few areas that need polish. The way the agents walk is pretty wonky and there are some bugs here and there. But as Cousin Isaac explains: “Airlift is super-indie and very lo-fi. But it's fun.”

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