iVote’s Chief of Development Guest Lecture at University

Skopje, Macedonia, December 11, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Ms. Elena Janevska, the Chief of Development at iVote held a guest lecture at the University of Skopje in front of the requirements engineering course students at the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering. She shared the insides of the whole requirements management process in practice on real commercial projects; from writing and preparing tender documentation through meetings and contacts with the clients, until final agreement and delivery of the project.

“Being able to present real cases and practices of requirements engineering in front of the students is a possibility that I believe will help students better understand the process of software requirements engineering. It is also a privilege for iVote to be in touch with the academic community, since research and development is incorporated deeply in iVote’s genes,” said Ms. Janevska.

Presenting practical examples of actual working processes is important step in students’ education. In that way, students are in touch with the real challenges and difficulties arising from work commitments, and are prepared to apply the acquired theoretical knowledge in a real, concrete situations. Combining theoretical with practical knowledge will help students to become better qualified candidates for job outside the Faculty.

About iVote
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Elena Jolevska