How to be the 1 Person Out of 100 Who Succeeds at Their New Year's Resolutions

Medical Hypnosis Specialists Unveil The Key To Making Your Resolution a Reality in San Diego on January 4th.

San Diego, CA, December 20, 2007 --( Medical Hypnosis Specialists Greg Turner, CCHt. and Lynn Whitmire, CtHA. in conjunction with World Hypnotism Day are unveiling the key to making your New Years Resolution a reality. They will give away a free hypnotherapy session and all attendees will receive complementary gifts and be able to participate in a special group hypnosis session. This exciting event will be on January 4th from 3:00PM to 7:00PM at their offices in Pacific Beach. Attendance is limited so people are encouraged to call to reserve a spot early.

“Most people's idea of hypnosis is derived from stage shows where they see hypnotists mysteriously making people do embarrassing acts. We want to clear the air and remove the misconceptions that people have about hypnosis by explaining what it can do to help people achieve their goals in life” said Lynn Whitmire a certified Hypno-anesthesia specialist and one of San Diego’s leading medical hypnotherapists. “It is important to educate people about these techniques now that they are receiving wide exposure in articles and television shows like Regis and Kelly, O magazine, Shape and other popular media,” added Greg Turner, San Diego's only certified Medical Support Hypnotherapist.

The location of this event is 810 Emerald Street, Pacific Beach, CA

Lynn Whitmire, a member of The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, is the owner of Advanced Hypnotherapy (, works with “Shakti Rising” (a program for young women with body image and substance abuse issues), is a guest instructor at The School of Healing Arts and has worked in the Holistic Therapies Clinic in Pacific Beach.

Greg Turner, a member of the International Registry of Medical Support Hypnotherapists, is the owner of The Center For Faster Healing With Hypnosis ( In the past he has worked with veterans through Operation Home Front, taught hypnosis skills for local groups, and worked pro-bono with clients who have cancer.

Members of the press can find further information or schedule an interview by calling Lynn Whitmire 858-270-5756 or Greg Turner 858-788-6909.

The Center For Faster Healing With Hypnosis
Greg Turner